Love Letter: Month 20

23-Sep-2010 08:46


Holy cow you are twenty months old already.  I’ll have you know, this has happened without my consent.  This means that in a mere four months you are going to be two years old.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.  Daddy and I always wanted two healthy children and we are so blessed to have had our wish granted.  But this means that the baby days are over in our house.

Months ago I knew you were no longer a baby, but a toddler.  I remember when it happened, in my mind, for both you and Rylee.  Both were bittersweet moments for me.  Someday, when you have your own children, you will know exactly what I mean by that.

19-Sep-2010 12:22


The past month has been full of ‘firsts’ for you.  At the end of September we took a week’s vacation and went to Rehoboth Beach with the entire Tanner clan.  We stayed in a townhouse that was just perfect for our group.  Everyone had a lot of fun both at the house and at the beach.  All the grandkids thoroughly enjoyed the sand and ocean.  Some enjoyed the ocean more than others though. You were definitely more of a fan than your sister.  You and Daddy had so much fun standing at the edge of where the waves were crashing and getting splashed.  You could have spent the entire day there if there wasn’t miles of sand to play in too.  I’m still amazed at just how much little kids just don’t care about where sand ends up on them.  I’m telling you, I think we were cleaning sand off/out of you for a week.  It was worth it though because you couldn’t have had more fun.

19-Sep-2010 12:32


Rylee was much more cautious when it came to playing in the ocean. I think having her older cousins there helped to push her to try it the last day or two.  She spent a little bit of time playing in the waves, but her time was nothing compared to yours.

The biggest first for you was a week ago.  I finally got a new job.  (Woo Hoo!) which meant that you were off to daycare five days a week.  You don’t remember it, but you did a six week stint there when you were only four months old.  Going this time was much harder on you and me.  Thankfully Rylee was tickled pink to be back and playing with her friends again.  You however just wanted to run out the door behind me for the first week.

To be fair, the first two days you were content to sit and eat your breakfast as I left. But by Wednesday you had it all figured out and you knew that I was leaving, for the day, and you weren’t happy about it.  Daddy does pick up and he told me that you cry every day when he picks you up. I think it’s a cry of relief as if to say, “You came back for me!!!  I don’t have to stay here for eternity!!!”

21-Sep-2010 15:41


This week we started out strong again but today you were crying into your waffles when I left.  I know that your crying only lasts a few minutes.  Then you chow down and go to play with your new friends.  I hope that in another week or so you will be a pro at it all and not cry during drop off or pick up.

You are definitely learning so much these days. Your vocabulary is growing and so is your ability to put short sentences together.

20-Sep-2010 17:49


There is only one thing I would change about you right now.  That is that would be a MUCH less messy eater.  Rylee was never as messy as you at any age. I am amazed at just how much of a mess you make at mealtime.  You make a mess of yourself, the chair you sit on and the table and floor around you.  I know eventually you won’t be such a messy eater, but can you please get there soon?

Love, Momma