Winter Fun…

Friday night we went to Koziars Christmas Village with some friends.  All the kids really enjoyed seeing all the lights and hamming it up for some photos!

02-Dec-2011 19:56
02-Dec-2011 20:40

On Sunday we went to Bill’s company’s Holiday Gala. The girls had a lot of fun.  They decorated cookies, had their picture taken, saw a puppet show and best of all had their faces painted.

My butterflies…

04-Dec-2011 09:44



About a month ago our neighbor, Mister Mark, gave us the pool you see in the photos below.  His girls have outgrown it and he was happy to share it with us.  I was excited and hoped the girls would be ready to jump on in.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  When we inflated it a week ago neither of them wanted to do anything other than splash their hands it.  Great.  I decided to keep it up in hopes that the ‘water baby’ in them would emerge. I was a water baby and was on swim team as a child, how can my kids not want to be in the pool?

11-Jul-2010 17:37


Well tonight I told Bill I was going upstairs to put on my suit and get in.  Then we’d just wait and see what happened.  On my way back down the steps I met Rylee who said she was going to go put her swimsuit on.  YAY!!!  I got outside and Bill had just picked up Brynn and put her in the pool, dress and all.  She was having fun playing with the balls floating around.  In I went and Rylee soon followed.

11-Jul-2010 17:47


The four of us had a great time for at least a half hour.  Rylee was hesitant to sit down, but finally did and had so much fun.  She was happy to be in the water and swimming.   She is now excited to go in after her nap tomorrow.

Mission accomplished.