Love Letter: Month 21

What a month!  Brynn it’s been such a fun month with you.  We have had Halloween, your second trip to Walt Disney World and on top of that your vocabulary has exploded.  Both Mommy and Daddy have commented on just how much you say these days.

You were Tigger for Halloween and Rylee was Eeyore.  You were both super cute and enjoyed your costumes.  Brynn you went trick-or-treating to about five houses with Daddy and Rylee, then you came home to help me with the kids who came to our house.  You loved seeing all the costumes and your favorites were Elmo and Mickey Mouse.

07-Nov-2010 10:10


A week after that fun we were off to Disney World.  This was your second trip and I have to say that the actual travel part was much easier last year when you were eight months old.  Being almost 21 months was quite the challenge for Mommy & Daddy.  Next time we fly we will have to purchase you your own seat and after this trip I’m totally okay with spending the money for that.

This year you were very leary of the characters.  We thought you might be and we just decided to hold you while you gave the characters five and giggled.  Rylee, after feeling that way last year, enjoyed seeing the characters and giving them hugs.  I have a feeling when we go back in two years you will be right there with her giving hugs and smiling for photos.

07-Nov-2010 17:06


You did a lot of walking which surprised us. You had a good time holding onto the handle we have for Rylee and walking along like a big girl.  You really did enjoy going on the rides this year.  It was so much fun to listen to you and Rylee giggle on the rides.  Despite what your parents think, you really did love It’s A Small World.  There’s so much in there for the senses that your head was in constant motion trying to take it all in.

09-Nov-2010 11:38


One thing you really enjoyed this year was seeing the animals outside of our hotel room.  Every morning you would get up and go running to the window to look out and see what animals were waiting for you.  Actually you did this every time you woke up and entered the room.

You are doing well at daycare now and that makes me one happy Mommy!  You are still rather clingy when you get home, but more and more you will go into the playroom with Rylee rather than trying to hang out rightbesideme all the time.

Your vocabulary continues to just explode.  You will basically repeat any word we say to you.  This is a lot of fun when we’re reading books.  I point to everything on the page and tell you what it is and you repeat it.  It takes a lot longer to get through the books but we all enjoy it.  You are also speaking in more sentences and just speaking your thoughts more & more.  Between you learning more about your world and Rylee learning so many things at daycare the two of you keep the chatter going.

We are heading into your second Christmas and I am eagerly awaiting the fun along with Daddy.  You and Rylee are going to make this holiday season shine for us.

Love, Momma

A Three Year Old’s Perspective

I had just told Rylee that we were taking Brynn to my friend Dawn’s house for her first haircut. 

Rylee asked if she was getting hers cut too and I told no that hers had been cut recently. 

Then she says, “Mommy, can Aunt Dawn paint my hair like she paints yours?”  I cracked up.  Since a brush is used to apply hair color I guess that’s what it seems like to a three year old.

After I recovered I told her that she wasn’t able to have her hair ‘painted’ until she’s at least 16.