I love it when the girls come home from daycare in child care Claremont Meadows and school and can’t wait to show me their latest artwork.  We talk about it and then it sits on the island in the kitchen until I sort through it.  I keep every item that is made with hand prints.  I just think they are adorable and it’s a way to capture their growth over the years in a cute way.  I also keep all holiday decorations to use over the years.

It’s the everything-other-than-hand-print papers that are the issue.  Truth be told…these papers wind up in the recycle bin buried under newspapers.  There have been times I’ve felt guilty about putting their creations there but there is just no way we have the space to keep every paper that comes into the house.

This morning I couldn’t sleep so I was checking out Pinterest and I found this wonderful app for my iPhone from Artkive.  (It will be available for Android in September!)

Artkive allows you to photograph your child’s artwork with your smart phone.  Then when you’re ready you can create a coffee table book of their creations.  Once you set up your account you can add each child and you can create a book for each one.  Brilliant!

With a new school year about to start I’m VERY excited to have this app.  If you’re interested go to Artkive now as the app is FREE.  I don’t know how long it will be until you have to pay for it so check it out now!


Girls’ Hair Cut Day!

Changing to a new hairstyle is often that breath of fresh air that you need. Walking out of the salon with a fun new cut always adds a little extra spring to your step and boost to your confidence. It can also be an outward expression of inner change. If you have major changes taking place in your life, consider heading to the salon to help reflect them in your appearance. A haircut can transform your outlook and confidence during a time when you may need it the most, check in Charle a Hair Studio for hairstyles information, new wigs or haircuts.

Do you loathe the hassle of your hair in the mornings, watching the clock tick by as you deal with your mangled mess? Get a haircut. A good style may not be able to add more loving and fruitful years to your life, but it certainly will add sleep to your morning.

The girls have been excited for today to arrive.  They were both ready to get their hair cut.  I don’t know about your kids, but I swear the hair on my kids’ heads grows faster in the summer!

Here is a before shot of the three of us.  Notice how long Rylee’s hair is here!

Here are shots of the cuts, the girls were both great and sat very still and did what they were told.











Here are the after shots. Let’s just say that there was A LOT of hair on the floor at the end of it all!







For those of you really paying attention….yes…my hair is MUCH shorter!