A few room makeovers

We’re finally getting around to finishing up the few projects that we started over the holiday break. Here are some pictures:

Rylee’s bedroom

Rylee was living in a former boy’s room for five months before we finally got it painted. As you can see from the before pictures, this was the famous “closet door” room. The paint job is actually worse that it looks in the pictures. The ceiling fan also needed to be replaced, which we had already done a few months ago. We just replaced the blinds with room-darkening ones.

Bobbi is still working on Rylee’s new curtains.








This room actually was started on Halloween weekend, and it didn’t occur to me then to take some before pictures prior to breaking open the paint cans. This room also had poorly painted closet doors (blue and red, instead of blue and sky blue), but luckily they left the back of the door white. We replaced the ceiling fan and the yellow blinds in here with room-darkening ones as well.



Hall bath

This room just got a paint job. It had been previously painted with a flat paint, so it was splotchy everywhere from water and condensation.

Before and After:


38 Weeks

These days when people ask how I am my pat response is “Still pregnant!”  And why not, I’m only 38 weeks I should be, right?  But what I’ve discovered, personally and from speaking with others, is that if you have one baby who is early you really want to experience that again.

Last night I had to get up to pee, as I do a few times every night, and I had a horrible time getting out of bed.  I was trying to roll/flop over to get the momentum going to get out of bed and it was not working out too well.  It resulted in some pain in my belly and therefore some groans from me.  After about two minutes I was finally up and out of bed.  When I got back into bed Bill said something.  Due to wearing earplugs I had to remove one and ask him what he’d said.  He said, “Are you having contractions?”  I told him no, that I just can’t get out of bed anymore.  He rolled over and started snoring again.  Oh well, at least he asked.

But this….this is an example of why I’m just ready to be done being pregnant.  I want to be able to roll over instead of flop over in bed.  I want to be able to sleep on my stomach again.  Just don’t tell my chiropractor though.