This little piggy…

With Rylee’s hair growing so quickly we decided it was time to attempt pulling it back with something other than a barrette. Barrettes don’t seem to stay in very long and therefore have been abandoned. Much to the delight of the teachers at daycare.

Yesterday I bought a bunch of bands that are so small I swear they are the colored version of what I used to put on my braces.

I came home and decided to make my first attempt at putting two in Rylee’s hair. I had no clue what a struggle this would be. Have you ever tried to put in a piggy tail while the hair you need keeps moving from side to side? Rylee wasn’t very interested in cooperating at all. That said, here is our first attempt.

09-Oct-2008 17:06
09-Oct-2008 17:06

Although they are cute and we kept telling Rylee how pretty she was she didn’t like them. Well, she didn’t mind them unless she touched them. Every time she’d touch them last night she would start to cry. Bill and I found this very amusing and felt badly when we’d giggle while she cried.

I’m going to attempt a whale spout today. Here’s hoping the test subject is still be sleepy enough to sit still while I do it.