It’s A….


Rylee is going to have a little sister in February.

Bill and I are pretty excited.  We realize we should probably start saving for proms and weddings now though.  We hope the bathroom they will share will be big enough for two girls to get ready for school at the same time.

I don’t have a sister so I’m very excited for Rylee to have one.  I think they will be best friends as they will only be 21 months apart.

Right now if you ask Rylee where the baby is she will either point at her own belly or point to her baby picture on the mantle.  At least she understands ‘baby’ but she doesn’t quite get the rest of it.  Oh well, she’s got five months to get figure it all out.

Before and After

Here is a photo of the front of our house when we moved in just over a month ago.  When we looked at the house we knew that many of the shrubs out front would have to go.  There really were entirely too many of them and they were all big. We made a lot of of remodeling to the house, but the best was the new landscape, learn more here.

Fortunately we have a landscaper who lives a few houses down and he’s really good.  He’s the one who actually put in the all those shrubs for the original owner.  Not surprisingly he told her that her plan had too many shrubs and that they would grow too fast.  She didn’t care, so that is why the front of the house looked like the developer got a great deal on shrubs.

10-Sep-2008 10:40
We have since moved four of the shrubs to the back of the house.  They replaced what was a weed garden.  Evidently the people who rented the house for the past two years thought it was a wild flower garden because a lot of the weeds had purple flowers on them.  Nice, especially when you consider the guy who lived there worked for our landscaper.

10-Sep-2008 10:39
We replaced the four red shrubs with five plants of knockout roses.  The reason we decided on these is that they are low maintenance and will give us great color from March til November.  Perfect!  In front of the shrubs against the railing we are going to plant a lot of tulip bulbs so that we will have even more color in the spring.  I still need to talk to Randy about what else to put in there to give color once the tulips are done.  It’s still a work in progress.

23-Sep-2008 17:11
And now that fall has arrived I couldn’t wait to get my typical fall decorations.  Here’s a current shot of the front door area.  We went with wheat swags this year instead of cornstalks.  They are a nice change, but I think next year we’ll be going back to cornstalks.