We’re In….

We are officially into the new house. There are still some boxes that need to be unpacked and we are hoping to be done with them at the end of the long weekend.

We do have some artwork on the walls on the first floor so it’s starting to feel like home.

Rylee still wants to be in the same room as us, but we’re working on it. She has a playroom full of things to play with, but would rather sit on the bottom step in the kitchen and hang out with us while we cook. It’s also her favorite place to have a snack. We will put her snack on a napkin and put it on the step beside her. She’ll hang out and enjoy it and when she’s done she will bring the napkin to us so that we can open the trash can for her to toss it. She thinks she’s big stuff when she does this. It’s great to teach her to clean up after herself so early.

We have discovered that the current dishwasher selectively washes the stuff we put in it. When it’s done running you never know what item will come out looking the same as it did when you put it in there. So last night we spent the evening at Lowe’s and came home with a new dishwasher that Bill will install over the weekend. This is the second time for him to do this so it should go smoothly.

The house is coming together slowly but surely. It will be nice when it’s all together and we can sit and relax and enjoy all of it.

Have a nice long weekend! Be safe out there.