Bill’s First Father’s Day

17-Jun-2007 09:06
Sunday Bill celebrated his first Father’s Day with Rylee, myself and his parents.

17-Jun-2007 09:06
We got up and had some fun family time before having Bill open a few gifts from Rylee. Who knew she had an allowance already?

We went to Bill’s folks for a lovely lobster lunch. Bill’s parents enjoyed their time with Rylee and took a bunch of photos to add to their already large collection.

17-Jun-2007 16:15
It was nice to spend the afternoon with them. I sure they think so as well. Even after cleaning Rylee’s biggest blow-out to date! Ah the joys of being a grandparent.

I’m so happy to have celebrated Bill’s first Father’s Day. It is the beginning of many fun Father’s Days to come!

Love Letter: Month One

12-Jun-2007 18:28
Rylee, it is hard to believe that today you are one month old already! Momma’s due date isn’t even until this Friday.

You have been growing like a weed. Daddy says that you are almost nine pounds now. That said, I’m even more excited that you’ve been here a month already because having a 5 lb 5.7 oz baby is much different than having one close to 9 lbs. I’m looking forward to taking you to the doctor next week and finding out how much you really weight and how long you have grown.

12-Jun-2007 18:27
You are such a pro at lifting your head up a few inches. Daddy and I are amazed at how much neck control you have already. You especially like to do this while having tummy time on the quilt that Faye made for you. Other times are when you are snuggling on Momma or Daddy’s chest. Daddy thinks you are going to be crawling in no time because you like to scoot yourself across the quilt by pushing with your feet.

You have done a lot in one month. You’ve met Momma’s family, Daddy’s family, some of Momma & Daddy’s friends, Pa Pa’s side of the family as well as some of Yeh Yeh’s (Daddy’s Dad) side of the family. There are a lot more folks to meet from that family and hopefully you’ll have met them all soon. Tomorrow you will meet some of Bobbi’s family too. You have also had your first trip to Philadelphia. We spent the day there yesterday to celebrate Pa Pa’s birthday and you slept through it all with the exception of feeding time.

10-Jun-2007 12:24
We have been fortunate as we really haven’t had any problems in the first month. I struggled with having to stop breastfeeding you and changing to pumping. It’s been a few days now and we both seem to have adjusted rather well.

You have only been here a short time but you have already brought Daddy and I so much joy. We are both totally in love with you. Who would have thought that either of us could love someone as much as we love you.

I’m looking forward to posting next month as I know that month two will be full of more fun and love.