Luck O’ The Chinese?

Here is a very grainy shot of our two Irish (in name only) lassies.

Rylee was so funny when we arrived at daycare today.  I was getting Brynn settled in while Rylee went back to her room to get ready for breakfast.  This is our usual routine.  While I was helping Brynn I heard Rylee come running.  She told me that I had to come see the mess in Ms. Deb’s room.  I told her I’d be there in a minute.  She was waiting for me and bouncing because she was so excited to have me see what she had seen.

So I finally walked down to Ms. Deb’s room and there on the carpet was lots of gold glitter and small black construction paper footprints.  Rylee told me that I couldn’t step on it.  I did manage to convince her that it was fine to step on it.  Well then all the kids there decided to run around and follow the gold glitter trail. 

Ms. Deb proceded to tell us moms that overnight a Leprechaun visited her room and left quite a mess.  She had already cleaned up most of the mess by the time we got there.  Rylee’s class hasn’t learned about leprechauns, but Ms. Deb said that when she has Rylee next year she will understand what they are. 

This means that next year I can have fun and make ‘messes’ at home for the girls to discover.  And yes, ‘girls’ because you know Rylee will want to educate Brynn on the magic of the leprechauns.

I have to say that watching those kids follow the gold glitter trail was a great way to start my morning.