I can see the light….

….at the end of the Huggies tunnel.  Wahoo!

Do you see this, this is a book that my girls loved because that blue button at the top makes the sound of a toilet flushing when you push it.

Recently Brynn made the transition from Pull Ups to underwear for naps.  This means there is just more step for her to take to make us a Huggies-Free home.  Being able to wear underwear to bed!

Last week I decided to take a look at the baby supplies we had on hand. I realized that I had a TON of Huggies wipes.  I wanted them out of my house and I’m sharing the wealth with my brother and a friend of mine. You’re welcome!

I also discovered that there was a stash of Pull Ups in Rylee’s room as well as Brynn’s room.  Oy!  At the rate of using one Pull Up a day, I may never have to buy them again.  Yes, that’s how many we have.  Here’s hoping we don’t have to bring anymore into the house!

In the past month Rylee has made the transition from Pull Ups at night to underwear.  She is feeling like such a big girl and I’m happy that she did it before she turned five. I swear, there were days when I thought that girl would be taking them to college with her.

Last night around 2am I heard Brynn fussing and went in to see what was wrong.  She mumbled to me something about having to pee.  I told her that’s why she had a Pull Up, to just pee in it. I know, I know….a part of me thinks I should have schlepped her to the bathroom to give it try.  But the other part of me realized she wasn’t fully awake and that this trip to the potty could be a complete disaster for both of us.

This morning she did remember the event and talked to me about it.  If she wakes up again and wants to pee in the potty then we will trek across the hall and hope for the best.

Could we be totally Huggies-Free by the end of the year?  I guess I can dream!

*by the way…Huggies in no way sponsored this post, we have been fans of their products for almost five years and we have pretty much only used their products.  We love Huggies, but we’re ready to say good-bye!*

I Heart Logitech

I’m not one to sing the praises, online anyway, of a product.  Today I’m making an exception.  For the record, the only keyboards and mouses that we’ve used in the last ten years have been from Logitech.  So I was a fan of their products prior to what happened today.

This week our home office got a bit of a face lift in the form of two new desks.  This is something we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in over three years ago and we finally got around to it.  Well, Bill decided to look for new desks.

Anyway, as a result of all the moving around of things one of the ‘feet’ on my keyboard was broken.  After dealing with it being lopsided all week I decided to call Logitech to see if they could send me a new ‘foot’.  For those smarty pants out there, no I didn’t have the foot propped up, that’s not what caused it to be lopsided.  Surprisingly those ‘feet’ don’t  fold flush against the bottom so when one is missing the keyboard is lopsided.

When my call was answered by Ryan he was very polite and handled everything very efficiently.  He did a quick check and it turns out that my keyboard is no longer made so they can’t send me a new foot.  Instead they are going to send me a completely new keyboard.  He took my name and address as well as my email address and I should have a new keyboard a week from now.  Wow!

I have to say that I’m super impressed all around.  When I get the survey to let the company know how my call was handled I will definitely complete it and sing Ryan’s praises as well as the company’s replacement policy.