A Swashbuckling Ball

Rylee just turned 5!  Wow, I cannot believe that this is the year she will be boarding the bus and heading to kindergarten.  But let’s not get ahead of things….

05-May-2012 11:50

In keeping with the past two years Rylee wanted yet another princess party.  Bill and I really wanted her to have a theme that would also be appealing to the boys in her class so Bill suggested a Pirate & Princess party.  Rylee thought that was a great idea and got excited about what she would wear and what we would do at the party.

I knew right away that I wanted to hire someone to do face painting for the kiddos.  I thought this would be fun and add to the theme.  I hired Stacey’s Face Painting and the kids loved it.  Well…the girls loved it.  The boys, not so much.  But our friend Michael thought it was great and Paula said it was tough to get him to take it off to go to bed that night.

05-May-2012 11:47


Rock on little pirate!



05-May-2012 11:40


Some of the moms even got in on the face painting!



05-May-2012 11:04


The kids came dressed in their finest ball gowns and pirate attire.  I will say that I think my dad stole the show.



05-May-2012 11:57


The kids played a game where the kids used a pirate hook to pick up pretzels.  Brooke won with over 20 pretzels!



05-May-2012 11:25
05-May-2012 11:25
05-May-2012 11:25


We had a pirate and princess food for lunch as well.



05-May-2012 12:37


Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes as they had either pirate or princess rings on them!



Here is our royal gang…

05-May-2012 11:52





And here are the princesses and pirates…

05-May-2012 11:37
05-May-2012 11:48





Rylee said it was “the best day ever!”.  I think that’s the best thing a five year old could say about her birthday party.

Happy 5th Birthday Rylee!

Love, Momma

I Needed A Project

Being out of work for a few months is not something that agrees with me at all.  I start to get stir crazy and eventually I find a project to tackle.  Something small, that won’t cost a lot and can be done in a few days.  The last time I was unemployed I organized the pantry and I’m still enjoying it.

This time I set my sights on a project that was bigger and would require me to do something that I really hate doing – painting.  I decided to change up the playroom.  I was tired of looking at this all the time.

When we first got our house at https://www.williampitt.com/search/real-estate-sales/greenwich-ct/, I really wanted to get rid of the shelves that we’ve been using to hold all kinds of stuff for the girls.  So off we went to Ikea.  I had an idea of what I wanted and actually thought I knew exactly what I’d buy.  But then I found something even better than what I had envisioned.  And to sweeten the deal, it was on clearance so we got it for a great price!  I have to give a big thanks here to my 16 year old neighbor Molly who came over to help me with the final steps in building it.

Next on the list was deciding on a new color for the walls. For two girls, that blue had to go! I wasn’t really sure what I wanted and of course the girls requested PINK!!!  However, Bill was having no discussions about pink paint in there.  He had a valid point, we’d just have to paint it again in few years and well….see above for how I feel about that!

After Bill did some tooling around with colors we finally decided on ‘Restful’ from Sherwin Williams.  We felt it complimented the Down Home color on the other walls in the common area of the house which can also be decorated with glow in the dark garden pebbles.

The girls love telling everyone who will listen about their ‘new’ playroom.  Here is the finished product.