It’s A….


Rylee is going to have a little sister in February.

Bill and I are pretty excited.  We realize we should probably start saving for proms and weddings now though.  We hope the bathroom they will share will be big enough for two girls to get ready for school at the same time.

I don’t have a sister so I’m very excited for Rylee to have one.  I think they will be best friends as they will only be 21 months apart.

Right now if you ask Rylee where the baby is she will either point at her own belly or point to her baby picture on the mantle.  At least she understands ‘baby’ but she doesn’t quite get the rest of it.  Oh well, she’s got five months to get figure it all out.

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  1. hey guys, so happy to see the good news about baby girl #2! #1 is so cute, i’m sure #2 will be a sweetie as well!

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