Fall is here!

21-Oct-2007 10:21
As many of you know Fall is my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. This year was no exception. Sunday we took some time to head out to Linvilla Orchards as they are known in the area as being the place to go in the Fall.

When we arrived I couldn’t believe all the pumpkins they had available to purchase. They also had some really neat seasonal displays set up. There is a fun corn maze as well as a hay bale maze for the little ones. We decided that it will be a few years until Rylee is ready for that though. This will be a fun fall tradition for our family.

We had a beautiful day and got some great photos. It was such a bright day that we had to get out Rylee’s sunglasses. What a little Superstar!

21-Oct-2007 10:04

Sleepy Head

18-Sep-2007 06:27
Sunday night Rylee didn’t need a bottle in the middle of the night! Woo Hoo! She woke up around 1am and I just gave her the binky and she was fine. She woke up again around 4am and I did the same thing. Monday night she was only awake around 4am and the binky trick worked again. I was really hoping that this meant we’re trending toward a full night of sleep for the two of us!

Thanks to Dan & Lorrie, who kept her over the weekend, as they were determined to get her to sleep through the night. If you need help I’m sure their services are available for a small fee.

06-Oct-2007 13:51
The last two nights Rylee hasn’t woken at all. Yay! It’s only taken 5 months for her to sleep through the night. I am very excited that I’m getting more sleep these days. I was only up for 20 minutes a night with her, but it was still interrupted sleep. It’s very nice to not have to get out of bed at all.

Chalk up another milestone for Rylee!