Sleepy Head

18-Sep-2007 06:27
Sunday night Rylee didn’t need a bottle in the middle of the night! Woo Hoo! She woke up around 1am and I just gave her the binky and she was fine. She woke up again around 4am and I did the same thing. Monday night she was only awake around 4am and the binky trick worked again. I was really hoping that this meant we’re trending toward a full night of sleep for the two of us!

Thanks to Dan & Lorrie, who kept her over the weekend, as they were determined to get her to sleep through the night. If you need help I’m sure their services are available for a small fee.

06-Oct-2007 13:51
The last two nights Rylee hasn’t woken at all. Yay! It’s only taken 5 months for her to sleep through the night. I am very excited that I’m getting more sleep these days. I was only up for 20 minutes a night with her, but it was still interrupted sleep. It’s very nice to not have to get out of bed at all.

Chalk up another milestone for Rylee!

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