I now know the formula!

Believe it or not we are back to the pink kind.

Yep, last week we tried the orange one and it was not agreeing with Rylee’s little belly. So I decided to give the soy formula another try. Ever since we went back Rylee has been doing wonderfully. Yay!

I really didn’t want to go back to Alimentum because it made Rylee smell bad. Her entire body smelled like the awful formula. Not to mention we had a very large container of the soy that was already opened. It’s nice to know that won’t go to waste since formula is pricey! It makes me even more sad that breastfeeding didn’t work out for us.

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What schedule?

We obviously did not ‘click here’. We have only just recently started Rylee on a schedule. Prior to that we just let her rule the roost and went with the flow. We now realize that we should have started her on a schedule immediately. Why? Well it sure would be nice if she was sleeping through the night by now!

Rylee has taken well to the schedule that we found in this book. I actually borrowed it from Lorrie quite a few months ago, but got busy and didn’t get around reading it until this past weekend. The past few nights have gone well with her only waking once for a feeding. That is with the exception of last night when she was up twice. Hopefully tonight we are back to just one feeding.