On The Move (sort of)

Rylee has been starting to show signs of moving on her own. Here is a photo of how it starts:

18-Feb-2008 09:14

She somehow manages to scoot herself around from this position. It’s not something that is easy to notice. All of a sudden we look at each other and ask how she moved across the room. Most of the time the movement is a result of wanting to get to Jaxon or to a toy that has been purposely placed out of her reach.

18-Feb-2008 09:18

We feel that this may just be the month that she decides to take off and crawl. Well, either that or we’re getting her a surf board.

Stay tuned…

Rylee and Jaxon

Rylee spends a lot of time playing with Jaxon… Well, Rylee spends a lot of time trying to play with Jaxon. Since Rylee isn’t quite mobile yet, she can’t quite get to Jaxon if Jaxon doesn’t feel like playing. She also gets frustrated sometimes when Jaxon ends their playtime early by walking away.

But they had some playtime one evening earlier this week, and we got some video of it.

[flv:/video/ryleejaxon.flv 400 300]