Love Letter: Month 10

18-Feb-2008 09:08
We’ve hit double digits! I can’t believe that in just two short months we’ll be getting ready for your first birthday party. The time is passing by so quickly; I wish I could slow it down so that I could enjoy each second a little longer.The last month has been a lot of fun for our little family. We have watched you do a lot of scooting around the house. This means that you are starting to test things that you want to get into. It also means that you have a pretty good grip on the meaning of “Rylee, No.” It always causes you to pause and look at whoever said it. There are times where you try again to see if we really meant it. You always get the same reaction from us, “Rylee, No.” Then you either find something else to focus on or we move you so that you aren’t tempted again.

18-Feb-2008 09:14
If there is a reason for you to get to the other side of the room you make sure you get there regardless of what is in the way. Most of the time it’s Jaxon who is in the path and you have a fun time being sidetracked by him for a while. You really do feel that he is your best buddy and playmate. I’m not so sure he’d agree with you all the time, but most days he’s digging you too.

You have spent a lot of time saying Dadadadada and Mamamamama. You pretty much pick one to say each day and focus on that word. You do know who Jaxon is and some days you know who Dada and Momma are. Other days everyone is either Dada or Momma. We go with the flow and try to point you in the right direction.

The downside of the last month has been that both you and Momma have had terrible viral infections that include a cough that has been very nasty at times. Dada has had some of the symptoms, but his never developed as much as ours did. Given this and the fact that you are now the proud owner of two bottom front teeth and a right upper fang it’s been rough. With the pain of teething and the awful infection you haven’t been sleeping well at all. That translates into Momma also not sleeping well at all. The better you feel the more sleep we both get. We’re almost back to normal and I’m so very thankful for that!

01-Mar-2008 10:33
We are still waiting for you to figure out this crawling thing. You seem to always get one leg stuck underneath you. However, things are looking good as you have realized this and now & then manage to get up on all fours. You couldn’t have two bigger cheerleaders when you get into this stance. We just know that in a few days you are going to take off across the room. We will be there with the video camera to capture it.

This coming month we’re looking forward to your first Easter and hoping that you’ll want to pick up the eggs at Bobbi & PaPa’s house. We’ll also be planning your first birthday party – how exciting!

Love, Momma

On The Move (sort of)

Rylee has been starting to show signs of moving on her own. Here is a photo of how it starts:

18-Feb-2008 09:14

She somehow manages to scoot herself around from this position. It’s not something that is easy to notice. All of a sudden we look at each other and ask how she moved across the room. Most of the time the movement is a result of wanting to get to Jaxon or to a toy that has been purposely placed out of her reach.

18-Feb-2008 09:18

We feel that this may just be the month that she decides to take off and crawl. Well, either that or we’re getting her a surf board.

Stay tuned…