Time to Rest and Wait….

Yesterday I had my regularly scheduled 39th week  OB appointment.  It was pretty much the typical appointment until I was told that I was going to be taken out of work.  Yay!!!!  I’ve been rather uncomfortable for a few weeks now so this was fine with me.

Now I’m supposed to hang out here at home and rest and wait for things to progress.  I’m currently 2+cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Big deal really.  Squirt hasn’t moved down into position yet so it may be a while till we get to the maternity floor of the hospital.

The doctor I saw yesterday is my fave and the one who delivered Rylee.  She’s a lot of fun and I really hope she gets to deliver Squirt too.  She’s going to be at the hospital today and next week on Friday and then Sunday.  So if I want her to do the honor then I need to get things moving quickly or else settle in to wait another week.

I’m pretty sure you can guess when I’d like to see her again.

Full Moon

Tonight there is going to be a full moon.  Rylee and I saw a huge moon on the way to daycare this morning too.

UPDATE: Turns out that moon we saw this morning WAS the full one.  That explains the pains I felt last night!

I am thrilled about the full moon as I’m hoping it works it’s magic and puts me into labor!

I did some research online and found out a few things about the relationship of a full moon and pregnant mothers going into labor.

The theory is that the moon’s gravitational pull effects the amniotic fluid in much the same way as it effects the water in the sea, rivers and even the water that’s otherwise found in our bodies.

As a woman’s body prepares for natural childbirth, the amniotic sac becomes distended so the point where it will easily burst if put under pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pressure of labor contractions bursts the sac. During a full moon, the pressure caused by the moon’s effect on the water inside the sac can cause the same things to happen, but without the accompanying contractions.

I’d take labor and delivery without contractions!