Fall Fun: Part Deux

22-Oct-2011 11:00


This past weekend our niece Maiah came to stay with us.  It was really great having her with us for more fall fun!  I’m pretty sure she had no idea what she was in for when she arrived.

Saturday morning we headed out to Northern Star Farms.  We visited here two years ago with our girls.  You can see photos of the girls here.

22-Oct-2011 10:19

22-Oct-2011 10:38


22-Oct-2011 10:40

22-Oct-2011 10:44


All three of the girls enjoyed looking at photos of the animals.  Then, as a fun treat, each girl got to take a ride on a pony. I had Brynn slotted to ride Lily first, but she wasn’t having it.  About two seconds after Rylee started riding Brynn was ready to go.  Maiah looked quite comfortable up there herself.  Maybe that’s because she had some practice on vacation earlier this year.

22-Oct-2011 11:04


When we left the farm I thought it would be fun to stop by Varner Farms again because our girls had a lot of there a few weeks ago.  I was right all three girls enjoyed the animals, corn stalk maze, pedal tractors and the straw bale maze.  Thanks to Maiah the girls really had fun climbing on the big tractors too!

22-Oct-2011 11:10


After all that fun it was home to have lunch, relax and naps. I also got to spend time with Maiah creating some nice beaded jewelry.  Actually she did the creating and I did the repairing of items that Rylee and Brynn needed fixed.

22-Oct-2011 16:31


After everyone was well rested we headed out to the annual daycare picnic at the park.  It was the first time we were able to attend and all the kids had a blast.  They spent quite a while at the playground of our local park.  Then it was time for a tasty meal and games for everyone.

22-Oct-2011 16:53


All three thoroughly enjoyed the candy scramble.  After that Rylee decided to participate in the giant marshmallow eating contest.  It was really a lot of fun watching all the kids try to eat the huge marshmallows.  For me it was even funnier to watch the staff make an attempt at it later.  Fair warning….this idea is being filed away for future birthday parties.  I’ve figured out a way to do it both indoors and outside at home!

22-Oct-2011 10:40


This was another weekend that made me feel blessed.  The kind when Monday morning rolls around you don’t want to back the van out of the garage because then you know it’s really over.  I’ve realized I need to count my blessings, back out and carry on.


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  1. I sure enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your weekend experiences. What a great memory you made for the girls! And my, how yours have grown! You are truly blessed with two beautiful daughters, Diane.

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