Fall Fun!

08-Oct-2011 09:18


A few weeks ago we headed out for some fall fun.  The girls knew we were going apple picking and they were really excited to get out and get going.

When we arrived at Varner Farms we were told that there weren’t many apples left, but we could go out to the orchard and see what was left for us.  They were correct, there weren’t a whole lot left, but there was more than enough for us.  We had no plans to make applesauce or apple pies, we just needed a few pounds to sit and eat.  The apples that were left on the trees were at the top so Bill had to lift the girls for them to be able to help.  They didn’t seem to mind one bit.  Three pounds of apples later we were done.

08-Oct-2011 09:15

08-Oct-2011 09:15


08-Oct-2011 09:21


Next it was off to see the animals.  I’m still amazed at how much they love to look at animals.  We had taken a few minutes to look at the animals before we picked apples and they spent even more time looking at them the second time around.  I will say that this guy wasn’t at this location the first time around though.

After seeing the animals again and washing hands we discovered a small corn stalk maze for the girls.  They had a fun time going through it.  Once they figured out how to get through they kept going back in to do it again.

08-Oct-2011 09:25

08-Oct-2011 09:25


I turned the corner and discovered this fun spot where the girls rode around on mini John Deere tractors.  Brynn wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the pedals, but with some help from me she was able to get around the loop a few times.

08-Oct-2011 09:29

08-Oct-2011 09:29


08-Oct-2011 09:33


From there we went to the straw bale maze.  It took Rylee a bit longer to figure this maze out, but once she did they were again running through it over and over.

08-Oct-2011 11:33


I was excited because next was my fun part. I got to get all the fun fall items that I use to decorate my porch.  I cannot express how much I love fall and all the wonderful colors that go with the cooler temps.  For me it really doesn’t get any better than than a crisp fall day when the leaves are in full color, I’m wearing a sweatshirt and there’s football to watch.  It’s no wonder we got married in the fall. I’ve known, it seems like forever, that I would have a fall wedding.

08-Oct-2011 09:46


This month Bill and I will celebrate six years married.  How are we going to celebrate?  We’re going to have Maiah with us and we’ll be taking all the kids to a daycare picnic.  We’ll be outside, hopefully with sweatshirts, and we’ll be with three kiddos that we love.