Love Letter: Month 18

I tried, I really tried to be on time this month and I really have no good reason why it didn’t happen.  But hey, it’s only two days late this time.

Brynn the last month with you can be summed up in one word: LOUD!!!!  Yes, you have decided that you need to make as much noise as possible at all times.  You think that getting in the car means that you need to talk incessantly.  You’re just like your Daddy that way. Hahaha!

17-Aug-2010 10:56


One day Mommy and Daddy were sitting in the family room and you came out of the playroom yelling into a megaphone. I just looked at Daddy and said, “Yeah, that’s what that kid needs, a megaphone.”  We both cracked up because it just amplified your already super loud voice.

In addition to just making sounds to be loud your vocabulary has also grown this month.  Your favorite new word is No.  But it’s pronounced more like Nooooo.  More like a Moo sound but with an “N”.  Most of the time you say it two times in a row which makes me laugh.  I will look at you and say, “Yes, yes.” you will follow with “Nooo, Nooo.”  Too funny kiddo!

20-Aug-2010 10:14


You also very much become Rylee’s shadow.  If I need to find you I only really need to find her because you are right there with her.  I truly love that you two play together everyday. I know this won’t last forever so I’m enjoying it now.  You are never truly sadder than when Rylee goes out to play with a friend.  If you aren’t allowed to go with them you are so sad to see your playmate walk away from you.  Just wait babe, soon enough you will be pushing her out the door to play with anyone but you.

19-Aug-2010 11:27


You are still managing to make a huge mess when you eat. I can’t remember Rylee ever making such a mess – especially in her hair – so I don’t know when to expect it to stop.  For the record, tomorrow would be fine with me.

Speaking of that….at meals you have decided that you no longer want to drink out of a sippy cup.  No way, you have to drink out of a small plastic cup just like your sister.  I have to say that given your track record for making a mess with food I was less than excited to let you have a cup.  I will say that you really amazed me. You drink out of a cup like a pro.  Yes, some of it will end up in your bib, but most of it goes right in your mouth.  It’s easy to see how you think you’re hot stuff when you have your own cup.

06-Aug-2010 14:58


We’ve spent a lot of time at home this past month as we just haven’t had anything planned. It’s been fun playing with you and Rylee and watching your relationship grow.  I know that this time at home with both of you has been a gift.  I cannot tell you how much I have cherished it.



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  1. You’ve come a long way baby!
    Brynn, you sure have made lots of progress this month!

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