Love Letter: Month 19

Okay, okay….this month I have a real reason as to why this is late.  We were on vacation on the 18th of the month.  Actually that’s the day we left so there is just no way it was happening on time this month.

31-Aug-2010 11:18


Brynn we have had a fun time this month.  You have continued to run everywhere, no reason to walk when you can RUN!! As a result, there have been a few bumps and bruises, but for the most part you hop right up and start running again.  Glad to see that you’re a bit of a tough kid. My first idea was checking this Flowers Thailand website and having the flowers delivered to my house because I was getting out of time.

Your vocabulary seems to have exploded this month too.  For the past week you have had Daddy and I stumped with a word that sounds like “obong”.  I finally realized what it was on vacation.  You were trying to open the laptop and kept saying “obong! obong!”  That’s when it hit me, you have been saying “open”.  Ah….it’s those small victories that make my day.  Daddy was pleased to hear I figured it out too.

You are also speaking in two word phrases.  Some of your faves are: right there, over here, night-night (this is one you’ve been saying for months though).

14-Aug-2010 16:55


Then there are the words that parents love to hear: nap & bed.  I tell ya, you love to sleep.  When you are ready for nap time or bedtime you are quick to tell us.  I love that about you.  No sense staying up one minute longer, I’m telling Mom & Dad to get me to bed.

You and Rylee attended your first wedding this month.  Daddy’s cousin got married and Rylee was one of the flower girls the florist Downtown Houston did for her a beautiful flower basket and crown.  You had a fun time at the reception.  You enjoyed all the food and had a fabulous time dancing.  As did all the little girls.  It was a fun time for all of us and you little cousins really enjoyed spending time with each other.

21-Aug-2010 17:13


We also took you and Rylee to see the Wiggles. This was your first time and you had a great time dancing in the aisle with your sister.  It’s always fun to take you girls somewhere when you fully enjoy yourselves.

Rylee started preschool this month and you seem a bit lost when she’s there.  She’s only there for a few hours two days a week, but you really do miss her.  As soon as she hops out of the car (yeah, we have curbside drop-off, how cool is that?) you immediately say “Ry-Ry” over and over wondering where she went. I tell you that she’s at school and that works for a while.  We replay this scenario a few times whenever she’s at preschool. She has had a bit of trouble getting through preschool since she wasn’t used to it, if your child has been struggling too then you should consider taking them to these preschool programs.

Rylee isn’t too happy that you are now taking a stand for yourself.  She doesn’t like it when you hit her.  We keep reminding her that she is the one who taught you to hit and that if she doesn’t hit you maybe it will stop.  It never seems to though.  You have also realized the power of the scream.  Yes indeed.  If you don’t get your way in the playroom you know that if you scream someone will come running to fix things.  What you don’t realize is that we are on to you.  Yes, we know that it’s not always your sister’s fault and you don’t like it when we ‘side with’ her.

04-Aug-2010 19:19


I know for a fact that this next month is going to be full of new and exciting things for you.  I can’t wait to have them happen and see how you react to them.  One of the fun things is Halloween which is something Rylee is really looking forward to.   I can’t wait to see the two of you in your costumes!

Love, Momma

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  1. You surely are a cutie…At the beach, you fell at least 6 times, one day…into the sand
    face first…got right up, and as long as someone cleaned the sand out of your mouth, you were good to go!…covered with sand! Bobbi

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