Rylee Night

I have been trying to plan a fun night out for Rylee with just Bill and I.  Thankfully Disney decided to help out with this one.

Two nights ago we took her to see Toy Story 3.  All day she knew that, if she was good, she would get to do something fun with just Mommy & Daddy.  I tell ya, it was quite the stretch for her to be so good.  The worst part was her not wanting to eat her dinner right before we were to leave.  Finally after chewing her chicken for an eternity it was time to go.

We told her on the way that we were going to see a movie.  Then we talked about the movie theater and told her the name of the movie.  She was pretty excited because she’s seen the other two movies a few times at home.

Although we had eaten dinner we had to get the obligatory soda and popcorn.  When I asked to see the sizes for the drinks I turned to Bill and asked, “Which size bucket would you like?”  I am still amazed that after selecting the medium bucket the dude asked us if we wanted to get the larger for just fifty cents more.  No thanks, if we wanted to be awake for a week we would have chosen that one to start with.  (Side note here: As we were walking toward the theater another guy, who purchased the large bucket-o-soda, went to pick up his bucket and it cracked down the side.  I tell ya, that large sure holds a big sticky mess. I kind of felt bad for him as we walked by.)

We got into the theater and Rylee was amazed at how big the screen was. In her words, “It is bigger than Papa!”  Since Papa seems to be the biggest person she knows this was a big deal.

She enjoyed the entire movie.  She sat there very focused and intense.  She didn’t really laugh at all because she was so intense.  After it was over we sat there and talked about it for a few minutes and she said she really liked it.  She also decided that she would like to see another movie with us sometime.

It was really great to have a night to experience something new with Rylee.  Now every time we drive by the theater she wants to know if we’re on our way to see another movie.  We told her that she needs to be nice to her family, not yell at Mommy, clean up when we ask her to and be good in general.  After all that she said to us, “That’s all?”  Um….yes that’s all, but to me it seems like a pretty tall order for a three year old. And a day after we told her that, it turns out that it is quite a tall order for her.