Love Letter: Month 15

I know, I know, I’m late again.  Brynn I really do try to have these done on time.

17-May-2010 10:23


I think the funniest thing that you’re doing now is your reaction when I tell you NO.  You look at me, purse your lips and make a raspberry sound.  When I lightly touch your cheek and tell you not to do that, you do it again.  You have never been a fan of being told NO and now you have a way of letting me know how you feel.  What’s really funny is that you only do this for me, not Daddy. When Daddy tells you NO, you still cry.  It cracks us up every time.

You now have all but four teeth in your little mouth.  What a fun smile to look at.  We have been brushing your teeth for quite a while and you still think it’s just another form of a treat for you. I show you the toothbrush and out comes your tongue.  It’s so hard to brush those tiny teeth because your tongue is everywhere!

17-May-2010 10:22


You truly love playing outside.  If we start to head out you get really excited and bounce around.  You don’t care if we’re going in the car or going out to play, you just love being outside.  You have started to play on our little play set out back.  Going down the little slides are so much fun for you. You get off at the bottom and say, “YAY!” every time. You have even started to play in the sandbox with Rylee.  I’m surprised that you wanted to so early on, but I think you just want to do what the big girls are doing.

Playing with Rylee is such great fun for you. There are times when you want a toy that she has and vice versa.  This month you have started hitting her when you don’t get your way or she makes you mad.  Of course this makes her upset and I have to hide my laugh because you are finally at a point to fight back.  I do tell you not to do it and comfort her, but I am glad to see you are finally standing your ground.

17-May-2010 10:16


There have been more words added to your small vocabulary too.  You now say: Dog, Airplane, Pooh Bear, Bubbles, Ball, Book and Rylee.  Of course we are the only ones who know what you are saying at the time, but you love to say these words.  You still seem to say, “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom” most of the day, but I’m thrilled to hear new words now and then.

What’s even more fun than hearing these words is realizing just how many words you understand that we say.  Every day I’ll say something to you and wonder if you get it and sure enough your reaction lets me know that you do.

Now that the warmer weather is here you are having a hard time when Rylee goes out to play with her friends. You want to go and play too but you just aren’t at that level yet.  You love to go for walks around the block in the wagon or your little red car.  Sometimes we let the bigger girls take you and you think you’re pretty big stuff.  We are blessed to have such great neighbors who all love you and your sister.  And we’re very fortunate that the older girls want to spend time with you two.

I’m looking forward to all the fun things you are about to discover this summer kiddo.



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