Love Letter: Month 16

Well Brynn, this month I’m a bit earlier aren’t you impressed?

22-May-2010 15:10


We have really had a fun month!  Aunt Julie, Elijah and Molly were here for a week and we got to spend lots of time with them.  We got to go to The North Museum with them as well as Aunt Lorrie, Maiah, Zoie and Evan.  Then we all went to lunch and boy did you enjoy that!

Speaking of enjoying food…there really isn’t much you enjoy more than eating.  It really is true.  If you see someone in the house with food, you immediately stop what you’re doing, drop the toy you’re holding and go running to find out what they have.  It’s almost comical to watch.  If someone has food, it is mandatory that they share it with you.  And by share I mean pretty much let you eat all of it.  Someone made a comment recently that they can’t believe that you’re not bigger given the amount of food you eat.  I told them it’s because when you aren’t eating you’re in constant motion.  You seem to only stop to eat or have your diaper changed.

04-Jun-2010 17:22


The plus side to you being so busy is that you are a great sleeper. You take nice long naps and you sleep really well at night.  The only exception to night time sleeping is when you’re teething. You are currently working on the last four baby teeth.  So far you’ve handled it like a champ. I just can’t wait till they are all in.

While Aunt Julie was here we took our annual trip to Knoebels.  Bobbi and Papa take their grandchildren every year.  This year the weather really couldn’t have been more perfect.  The temps were cool, there was a great breeze and there was very little humidity.  Quite a change from last year when it was just sweltering!

I knew there were a few rides that you would be able to go on, but you really surprised me. You had your hand stamped and you went on as many rides as possible.  You had so much fun and it was really great watching you.  Rylee enjoyed riding rides with you and so did Maiah.  You even went on the BIG ferris wheel with Papa and laughed the entire time.  I’m already looking forward to next year when you will be able to do more.

07-Jun-2010 12:22


After all that excitement we have a pretty tame month ahead of us.  That’s okay though.  That leaves time for some trips to the zoo and fun times here at the house.  You really love playing outside.  Most times when it’s time to come in you get upset unless we’re coming in to eat.  You like going for walks, playing on the deck and playing out back with our neighbors.

A few weeks ago I thought I’d be funny and ask you to count.  I know that when asked how old you are you hold up one finger on each hand and say, “One” so why not find out if you can count.  Rylee is always counting or singing her ABC’s so I was curious if you’d picked up on anything.  You didn’t miss a beat, as soon as I asked you responded, “Onnnnnne”.  That’s all you had.  But the way you said it made it seem like there was more to come.  So I said, “Two” and then you said, “Onnnnnne” again.  You had Daddy and I cracking up. Any time we need a laugh we just ask you to count.  We’re thinking about hiring you out for entertainment at parties.

Over the weekend we took you to Aunt Jean and Uncle Jim’s 25th anniversary party.  At one point you decided to count the magazines on the coffee table.  As you picked each one up you were counting.  So each magazine was number one.  Everyone got a kick out of you counting them.

09-Jun-2010 16:51


You also have a new face that you make.  You usually make it when someone asks you a question.  It’s hard to describe or capture with the camera though.  You basically look at the person as if to say, “What? You expect me to answer that?”  Then there are times you just sit there and look at me with the look for no reason.

As usual, there’s never a dull moment around here.  We are really enjoying having two daughters.  Rylee continues to be your best friend and you two are having a lot of fun together this summer.  I am too.



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