It’s Rylee Time!

23-Apr-2010 16:12


Rylee I cannot believe that you are three years old already.  Where did the time go?  It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting on the couch holding my little preemie in my arms.  Now to look at you one would never guess you arrived at 34.5 weeks.  You are a tall three year old with so much hair.  So much that I tend to call you Cousin It in the morning because it’s hard to find your pretty face through all that hair!

You’ve had an interesting year.  A year ago you were still attending daycare two days a week.  That ended for you at the end of October and it’s been the three of us girls at home ever since.

You really do have a lot of fun with Brynn.  Now that she’s almost 15 months old the two of you have a great time playing together.  She wants to do everything you do so you need to continue to be a good example for her.  You are very helpful with her but you have your moments when I have to remind you, “Rylee, you’re not the Mommy”.  Some days you reply with a “Yeah I am” and I crack up every time.

23-Apr-2010 07:47


There are those moments when you think it’s job to discipline her and you have to be reminded that you’re not to hit anyone.  But for the most part you are very loving toward your sister.

We have had quite a few “Terrible Two” moments.  You can throw one heck of a tantrum.  Just tonight you had one that lasted almost an hour.  And as a result you missed eating dinner with the rest of us.  At the end of it I asked what you were crying about and you didn’t even remember.

14-Apr-2010 10:43


This year you have been so excited for your birthday.  This is the year that you really ‘get’ it.  You were telling everyone that “I’m not three yet, I’m only two”.  And now you are very proud to tell anyone and everyone that “I’m free”.  Yes, that’s how you say ‘three’.  Daddy and I get a kick out of it because you are anything but ‘free’.  You are really looking forward to your birthday party tomorrow.  You know who is coming and you’re excited to play with your cousins.  When we had a little family party on your birthday you were so happy with your gifts.  Brynn got you a pink Princess playground ball and you think that’s the neatest gift ever.  You told me later, “Brynn buyed me that nice ball”.   You seemed pretty impressed that she took the time to get it for you.  I love that you shared that with me.

The one thing you cannot get enough of is singing your ABC’s.  You always make the comment, “Mommy, I know my ABC’s” and that means that you are going to sing them whether it’s a good time or not.  I love hearing you sing them and I can tell that you are getting better at it as time goes on.

We have finally found a church that we like and you have a great time there.  The first week we went you learned about praying and now you look forward to saying prayers before bed.  I love that you have taken to them so quickly.  It won’t be long before Brynn will be right there beside you saying them too.  Right now that kid can’t stay still for more than about two seconds.

23-Apr-2010 16:17


I’m looking forward to the coming year. I know that you are going to learn so many things and want to tell us all about them.  It’s amazing to see your eyes light up when you have something new to talk about.

I love you baby!



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  1. Quite a year you have had! Momma forgot about you learning to use the potty!
    You do really well using the potty and washing your hands!
    Such a big girl !!!

  2. Another great letter, Diane! I love reading them, and i’m sure your kids will appreciate them when they get older. But for now, they are kids…what fun! Again, great job, you are one GREAT momma! Take care!

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