Love Letter: Month 9

31-Oct-2009 17:11


Well, this is now officially two weeks late.  Sorry about that babe. Things have been quite busy around here.  And it seems that we will continue to be through Christmas.  What that means is we are blessed with friends and family to spend time with, so I don’t mind a bit.

09-Oct-2009 07:48


Big, big news this month.  During the past month you decided that are 100% done with baby food.  While I’m thrilled to not have to buy it, or keep it in the pantry, it does make meals challenging once in a while.  Actually more than that.  Since you are not a year old you cannot have eggs or dairy.  Do you know how many things contain cheese or need milk added to them?  Thank goodness you are a big fan of veggies!  Like Rylee you love broccoli and Napa cabbage.  We can always count on you to scarf them up.  You also like corn and carrots.  If we shred chicken or chicken nuggets you’ll eat them as well.  The best part is that when you run out of food on your tray you have a special noise you make to let us know that we are slacking and you need more food, STAT!

You have been crawling all over the place for a while now.  You are also pulling yourself up and cruising around the furniture and you’ll walk if we hold your hands.  But you don’t go very far yet.  I thought you would be walking by Thanksgiving, but you just aren’t ready yet. Maybe by Christmas, we’ll see how brave you are in the next few weeks.

You and Rylee really have a lot of fun together.  No one can make you laugh like she does.  It’s so much fun being home and watching the two of you have fun together.  Rylee seems to enjoy being a big sister and although she has her moments – like when you touch her toys! – she loves you very much.

20-Oct-2009 18:09


You have been teething for a while and your top fangs have made an appearance.  Next will be the two front top teeth.  I can’t wait till teething is over, I must have forgotten just how tough it is on everyone.

I am really looking forward to the Christmas season and having fun with you and Rylee.  I can’t wait to see your reaction to Santa, I’m hoping that if Rylee isn’t scared you will take a hint and react the same way.

I can’t believe you are nine months old already.  The time sure is flying.  I just hope you’re having as much fun as I am.

Love, Momma

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