Rylee Time

07-Nov-2009 11:49


Since it’s been almost seven months since Rylee turned two I decided it was time to write about her.

Rylee has really enjoyed having me home.  When I originally talked with her about me going back to work she would tell me “Da-do work, Mommy home.”  We each had our place and she liked the current arrangement.

I have enjoyed being home with both girls.  I tell Rylee every day that she makes me laugh and it’s so very true.  She might just say something funny, do something funny or even just give me a look that just makes me crack up.  I enjoy being with her.  Well, most of the time, let’s not forget that she is two!

05-Nov-2009 07:38


Rylee is still as clutzy as ever.  I swear she can trip over a piece of hair on the carpet.  For the most part she doesn’t hurt herself and usually laughs when the clutziness occurs.  I will say this is something she comes by honestly as everyone knows I am certainly not the most graceful person myself.

Rylee has a great vocabulary and she is constantly figuring out new sentences and phrases.  She can count to ten and while she knows her ABC’s she doesn’t really like to sing them, she would rather have me take care of that.

She still very much loves to watch the Wiggles.  She knows all of the characters and also knows which skits she enjoys and which ones to tell me to skip over.  She is usually up dancing around while she watches the shows.  She has also ventured into watching Disney movies.  (Big shock, I know!)  As of now her favorites are Mike!!!! aka Monster’s Inc. and UP!  She also has a few others that make it into the rotation.

26-Nov-2009 14:33


One big thing in the last few months is that she no longer uses her Binky.  She went to stay with Bill’s folks for a few days and when it was time to put her do bed when she got home I couldn’t find them.  I took this opportunity to tell her that they must have been lost between our houses.  She took it in stride, talked about it for a few days, but has been Binky free ever since.  YAY!!!!!  Besides, Brynn was ready for that size Binky and Lord knows we weren’t buying more.

Rylee has also been telling us that she will pee in the potty when “Ho Ho” comes.  I cannot tell you how much we were looking forward to taking her to see Santa this year!  We went on Sunday night and let me tell ya, it wasn’t pretty.  Bill put Brynn on Santa’s lap and she just sat there looking at him. I put Rylee on his lap and she screamed.  Great!  I took her off his lap and we got the photo with only Brynn this year.  Afterward we asked her about peeing in the potty and and she said no “Ho Ho”.  I tried to explain to her that we had just seen him but she was having none of it.  So then we talked some more and it seems she meant that she will do it when Santa brings her new toys.  Alrighty then, a few more weeks won’t kill us.  Well, yesterday we got out the potty and she sat on it for a few minutes with no results.  No big deal, we will continue to let her sit there and hopefully soon something will happen.

Rylee really is a wonderful big sister.  She will play with Brynn and she loves to give her hugs and kisses.  She makes sure that Brynn has toys to play with and will also clean up Brynn’s toys before bed since Brynn can’t do it just yet.  I will say that there are times when she will take toys from Brynn to have for herself.  When this happens we always have a little chat and things go back to normal.  One of Rylee’s favorite things is to go into Brynn’s room in the morning and climb up on the side of the crib to ‘see’ her and to say hello.  Brynn always reacts with a big smile or laugh.  No one can make Brynn laugh like Rylee.

28-Nov-2009 18:31


Rylee is now to the point where she wants to be the one to pick out her clothes in the morning.  Thankfully I still have some input and we manage to choose an outfit that a mom can be proud of.  She even has to pick out the shoes to wear each day.  Boy am I in trouble in a few years!

That’s pretty much the update for now.  I will try to post updates on her more regularly if possible.

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