Love Letter: Month 8

I am certainly not at a loss for material this month.  I think this has been the biggest month for you yet!

29-Sep-2009 13:51


Right after you turned seven months old your first two teeth came in.  You now have your two front bottom teeth.  They seemed to really just come in overnight.  When they showed up it really did explain a few cranky days though.

One of the biggest things this month was your first trip to Walt Disney World.  We had some really hot and humid weather while we were there, but you could have cared less. You had the time of your life.  This was the best people watching you’ve ever had.  Let me tell ya, you don’t miss a thing kiddo!  You laughed to yourself almost constantly while you were being pushed around in your stroller.

A week or so before we went you started clapping on your own.  This meant that when we saw shows and everyone clapped you were right there with us clapping away.  Anytime you see Rylee clap you start clapping too.  This makes both of you laugh a lot.

The other thing you loved about vacation was the french fries.  Yep, you would plow through the baby food because you realized that there were always french fries on the other end.  You also had a chicken nugget or two as well.  Of course these were finely shredded so you would have no trouble with them.  When we got home you were actually upset when you realized that there were no french fries after you ate the baby food.  You do still the typical Cherrios, but you weren’t happy about it for a day or two.

21-Sep-2009 09:43


The day after we came back from WDW you decided it was time to pull yourself up and cruise around the living room. That’s right!  You are now on the move more than ever.  You think you are pretty big stuff when you pull yourself up at the coffee table or couch.  Then you just start cruising along.  I’ve been saying for a month that I expect you be walking on your own by Thanksgiving.  We’ll see if I’m right, but it’s looking good for you.

You are really starting to interact with Rylee and us more.  You love it when Rylee kisses your hand.  Any time she does this you respond with a big belly laugh.  Most of your interaction with her results in lots of laughter from both of you.  I’m having fun watching your relationship develop.

25-Sep-2009 13:23


You still manage to make her mad anytime you go for her books. Oh her books!  She knows that all you’re going to do is pull them off the shelf, but she still doesn’t want you touching them.

I know that this next month is going be exciting.  We have Halloween to look forward to – and the photos that go with it.  I’m also thinking I will be spending much more time chasing you around the house.  Thanks for a built in workout babe.



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