Love Letter: Month 7

06-Sep-2009 14:48


Well Brynn you certainly do know how to give me content for your love letter.  This month you decided to start crawling two days before you turned 7 months old.  We knew it was going to happen soon and during story time in Rylee’s room you decided to take off after one of her books.  Of course this distracted Daddy and I because we wanted to watch and cheer you on.  Rylee was distracted because you were after one of HER books.  I cannot imagine how many times, in the coming months that, I’ll be telling her that she has to share with you.

Now that you’re on the move we’ve ditched the blanket that you sat on to play.  It just gets bunched up and frustrates you.  Besides, you now want to crawl into the playroom to see what you can pull out of the toy  box.  Or as Rylee calls it MY TOY BOX!

You also seem to be fascinated with toes that are painted.  That means that you go after my toes and Bobbi’s toes. For those who come to our house to visit, while it’s still warm, consider yourself warned about the pretty painted toes!

You are definitely a growing girl who loves to eat.  Your favorite thing to eat is the Gerber Puffs.  You are so proud when you feed yourself and most days you can’t seem to eat them fast enough.  You are still smaller than your sister was at this age though.  Your cheeks have filled out and Momma just loves to eat them up.

31-Aug-2009 09:36


We’ve been able to get out for some nice walks now that the weather has been cooler and drier.  You love riding in the wagon with Rylee when we walk in the neighborhood.  She really enjoys her time riding with you as well.

Our trip to the zoo last month was so much fun.  You tormented the female lion and didn’t even know it.  She thought you looked mighty tasty on the other side of the thick glass.  She tried to get to you a few times and you just sat there completely oblivious.  I got such a kick out of it.  Rylee did too once she got over being startled by the lion herself.

06-Sep-2009 19:47


I know this next month is going to be so much fun.  I’ll be chasing you around much more and you’ll be going on your first trip to Walt Disney World!!  Momma and Daddy are really looking forward to this trip with both of our girls.  I can’t wait to see how you react to Mickey Mouse and all of his friends.

Love, Momma

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