Love Letter: Month Five

Well, I am definitely late this month babe.  Sorry about that, but it’s been a crazy month around here.

There’s lots that new in just a months time.  Mom is now no longer working and will be staying at home with you and Rylee for the foreseeable future.  The job market around here is pretty lousy and since I have unemployment benefits I’m going to ride it out for a while in hopes it rebounds.

04-Jul-2009 14:50


Since I’m home with you all the time I get to see so many fun things.  The best part is that at four and a half months you were able to sit up by yourself.  I give the Bumbo Seat all the credit for that.  Your sister sat up at the same time as well because she used it too.  You pretty much amazed everyone with that little trick.  With sitting up on your own comes playing with toys and that always amounts to lots more drool.  We seem to go through bibs much faster now.

Your fun trick that is a result of you sitting up is that you scoot yourself backwards and giggle.  You think it’s the funniest thing and it’s obvious you are really proud of yourself when you do it.  If you stop and we see you it makes you smile really big.  We need to get this on video soon before you move on to something else.

04-Jul-2009 14:58


You are still loving your cereal.  You get mad when Momma won’t let you stick your two left fingers in your mouth after each bite.  But, I just don’t want that to become a habit for you.  You need to know how to eat without the assistance of your fingers.

Now that you’re bigger and playing with toys and playing in your exersaucer Rylee is having fun playing with you.  She will make the things on the exersaucer make noise and spin for you.  She will also build you towers with the soft blocks.  I will say that she does get mad when you are the one who knocks them over.  We’ve tried telling her that’s your job, but I guess it’s a kid thing and she still wants to do it.

11-Jul-2009 17:50


This photo is from a night when Daddy was playing rough with Rylee. You were sitting on my lap watching them and suddenly you got really upset.  I told Daddy that I thought you wanted to play with them and sure enough you did.  You were giggling and having a great time playing rough.

19-Jul-2009 13:00


You had your first overnight at Yea-Yea and Ni-Ni’s house recently.  They had a lot of fun with you and took lots of pictures and even some video.  I don’t think they minded getting up with you either.  You seemed to enjoy your time with them too.  Momma and Daddy took Rylee to the beach.  She had a fun time and really enjoyed her time with just us.  So we all had a really fun weekend.

We are almost halfway through your fifth month and there are already some fun new things that I’ll write about in a few weeks.  Every day is a lot of fun with you and Rylee.  I can see you watching her and learning. I tell her all the time that you’re doing this, but she doesn’t really understand it yet.  Someday she will realize it though.  I just hope it’s while she’s doing something good.  Remember to only mimic the good stuff!

Love, Momma