28-Jun-2009 14:53


Bill’s folks gave Rylee money to get Rylee a sandbox and sand for her birthday.  It took a while, but we finally got one for her.  It’s great because it has a lid so we can keep out local critters who might think it’s a giant litter box.

Well it’s something totally different to Rylee.  She will look outside and then look at me and say, “Mommy, I want beach!”  Yes, we took her to the beach for a day in April, and she remembers playing in the sand.  So now she calls her sandbox “My Beach”.  She thoroughly enjoys playing in by herself or with her neighborhood friends and even Mommy too.

28-Jun-2009 15:02


She is also having fun playing on “My This”.  (My This is pretty much whatever she’s talking about that she doesn’t the actual word for or she knows the word, but it’s too much for her to say.)  This is her very colorful play set.  It is so colorful that when we drive through the neighborhood she will look between the houses, point and say “Mine!” when she sees it.  It’s just the right size for her.  And surprisingly the nine and eleven year olds who live around us are big fans too.  I guess it is something different from the many big wooden swing sets in their yards.

07-Jun-2009 16:47


Rylee has been having fun this summer playing with Brooke next door.  If Rylee knew the meaning of Best Friend, she would definitely say that Brooke is hers.  Brooke is really great and has fun playing with Rylee.  On the 4th of July we were with our neighbors and Rylee was like the princess of the neighborhood.  All the Big Girls were playing with her and she was eating it up.  They all had blast together.  It was also nice for Bill and I to relax and enjoy our time with the neighbors as well.