Love Letter: Month 6

You’d think that a stay at home mom would have all the time in the world and at the very least be able to post your love letter on time.  Oh Brynn, just wait till you are a mom and you will understand that some months it’s a miracle I post one at all.

24-Aug-2009 17:57


I have to say that I think the six month letter is one of my favorites to post.  You and Rylee both had so many new things happen in this month.  I think the biggest thing the past month has been that you are on the move.  You definitely have mastered the sitting up backwards butt scoot.  You can even do it without hands these days.  And as always, you are quite pleased with yourself as you’re doing it.

You are now also much less upset when you manage to get yourself on your belly.  Instead of fussing immediately you will lay there and look around and then move.  Yes, move.  You somehow manage to move yourself backward (what is it with the backward theme?).  Sometimes you use your arms and other times you can do this without hands and that is what truly amazes me.  It’s always fun to watch you to see what you’re going to do next.  After a few minutes of this fun you let us know that you are more than ready to be sat up again so you can play with your toys.  There are days that you reach for a toy and almost wind up on your belly but somehow you manage to sit yourself up again.

24-Aug-2009 18:18


You still have zero interest in rolling at all.  We work with you to get you more interested but you’d really rather just do your own thing.  Your sister was the same way.  “Mom, I’ll get to that, let me do my own thing now!”

You are starting to really interact with everyone more.  One of my favorite things right now is to be in the kitchen and hear you and Rylee laughing it up in the living room together.  Your Daddy and I will stop what we’re doing and quietly walk over so we can see the two of you having your giggle fest.  Of course us adults have no clue what is so funny but we always wind up laughing too.

For me, the best part of the last month is that you are sleeping through the night.  Hallelujah!  All the parents reading this will understand just how much your life changes once you hit this point.  You are really quite a good sleeper.  You take about a two hour morning nap and a one to two hour afternoon nap every day.

24-Aug-2009 18:22


Your six month pediatrician visit is next week and I can’t wait to get all of your new stats.  I know that you are definitely under 20 pounds, but I’m curious nonetheless.  Your friend Keagan, who is two weeks younger than you is already rockin’ the scales at about 24 pounds.  I wish he lived closer so we could get some photos of you together each month.  You are smaller than your sister was at this age, but we still think you are a big girl.  You have really filled out a lot in the last month.

I’m having so much fun with you and I know that the next month will bring lots more fun and laughs for all four of us.

Love, Momma