Love Letter: Month 4

23-May-2009 06:27


Peacock, has it been four months already?  Boy is the time just flying by for me!  (And look at me posting this only a day late this month.)  That’s a sure sign that there have been some changes.

Yes, you now have the nickname of Peacock.  This is due to the tuft of hair that you have at the back of your head that stands straight up.  We never try to make it lay down because it’s part of you right now and we think it’s great!  Rylee has taken to calling you Bee-dop – her version of Peacock.  It’s really cute and I have feeling you may be stuck with that one for a long time.

The biggest change for you in the past month has been that Momma has gone back to work.  I have a new job and that means that you made the transition to daycare.  You handled it like a champ.  In fact, you have a great time with the ladies in the nursery and I know that you make them laugh all day.

14-Jun-2009 18:20


It has been tough month regarding your feeding schedule.  You have been resistant to bottles for a week at a time.  You can go long periods of time between bottles and that makes your parents quite nervous at times.  Your longest streak is 16 hours.  The pediatrician says not to worry that you’re thriving.  You gained some weight recently and he said that’s a good sign because around three months is when the weight gain tends to slow down.

Although you’re gaining weight you are still noticably smaller than Rylee was at this age.  However, you look just like she did at this age.  It’s amazing how similar the two of you are sometimes.

The past month has been a lot of fun because your personality is really developing.  You have a laugh that makes the three of us crack up every time we hear it.  I love it when we’re in the car and it’s quiet then suddenly you let out a big laugh for, what appears to us, no reason.  Rylee always looks over at you to see what you find so funny and she can’t figure it out.  But she giggles along with you anyway.

You have also become a big source of bubbles.  Holy cow do you like to blow bubbles.  And when you aren’t soaking your bib that way you just take the bib and shove it into your mouth.  I guess you figure it’s a quicker way to totally soak it.

16-May-2009 13:11


And if that isn’t enough to make your bibs drip you have decided that, despite our best efforts, you like to suck your fingers.  The more you can shove in the better.  You prefer to suck the index and middle fingers of your left hand, but in a pinch any combination on either hand works for you.  You will take a binky for a while, but it is always spit out so you can get those fingers in there.

You are now big enough to have lots of fun in your exersaucer too.  We’ll put you in there and if Rylee is around she likes to help you with all the toys on it.  Especially the really noisy one that spins.  If she isn’t there you are able to figure out how to make some noise on your own.  We were surprised to find that you are already spinning around in it too.  What a big girl!

17-Jun-2009 17:21


We have started feeding you rice cereal in the last week and boy are you a fan! As with most babies, you weren’t sure what to make of it at first, but now you can’t get enough.  You get mad if we don’t feed you fast enough or if we run out and you want more.  In a few months we’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of veggies and fruits.  I can’t wait to see your reaction to them!  The best part of this is that you are now sitting in your highchair with us for meals.  You sit there and play with the toy on the tray while we eat.  When we’re done you know it’s your turn to grub.

We have been having fun taking family walks in the evening.  However, with the recently rainy days/weeks we haven’t been able to take many.  But when we can get out you just love the fresh air and sun.  You really enjoyed being outside all day at Knoebel’s too.  You had a great time being nosy and watching all the people.  I’m sure that next year you will be out running around with your cousins and riding the rides with them.

I’m looking forward to so many more ‘firsts’ with you in the coming months.



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