A day at Knoebel’s

08-Jun-2009 15:19


On Monday we spent the day at Knoebel’s Grove.  My parents like to take their grandchildren there each summer for a day of fun.  It is something my grandparents did for us when we were kids.  I love that my parents have chosen to continue such a fun tradition. It is important for family to spend time together and more with grandparents as you need to cherish every time you can, look in this 5 Senior Friendly Autumn Activities to get inspired so you can go on an adventure with them.

08-Jun-2009 13:11


I didn’t know how much Rylee would like the kiddie rides, turns out I had nothing to worry about.  She had an absolute blast!  Her favorite ride of the day was the Whip.  Her first time on she sat with Evan.  They two of them were a complete gigglefest at each turn.  They were even brave enough to put their hands in the air just before the turn.  There is nothing better than hearing your child give an all out big laugh.  Take this times two and Bill & I laughed the entire time they were on the ride.  So did my dad and anyone else who watched them with us.

08-Jun-2009 12:35


I think her second favorite thing to do was to play in the ball pit.  Now, I don’t think I’d let her play in one at a restaurant, but here it’s very well protected.  Rylee had a great time diving backwards into the balls.  Both her and Evan would do this and their little bellies would pop out of their shirts.  It had all of us giggling while watching and taking photos.

The weather was somewhat cooperative.  The temp wasn’t too high, but the humidity was.  So we traded a cloudy day for humidity.  At least we didn’t have any sunburn as a result.  With this and no nap I have to say that Rylee was wonderful.  She didn’t get cranky till we were waiting for dinner to be served.  Not bad for a two year old at all.

We finished our day at the park with everyone riding the train and the carousel.  This is a tradition that my parents kept from when my grandparents took us.  It’s a fun time as these days we take up almost the entire train.

08-Jun-2009 12:55


This was Brynn’s first trip and we realized that Rylee was also three months old when she had her first trip to Knoebel’s.  Brynn rode the same two rides as Rylee did two years ago: the train and carousel.  We have to start them out on a mild ride.  They get to choose how wild things get at a future visit.

Thanks Bobbie & Papa for a wonderful day of family fun!

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  1. It was a fun day…lots of laughs,
    and all the little ones did really well..
    Rylee was a real trooper, keeping up with all the older kids! Bobbi and Papa

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