Love Letter: Month Two

Brynn, I’m sorry that your second letter is late.  Rylee’s was late this month as well.   After posting hers I figured I should wait a few days before posting yours.  So here it is.

11-Apr-2009 15:45


I have to say that I’m already amazed at how fast this month has flown by.  You have changed in so many ways.  You are much more alert and you love to stand up.  Holy cow do you have some strong leg muscles already.

You had your first Easter.  At Bobbi and PaPa’s house there was an egg with your name on it.  Since you couldn’t participate in the egg hunt your Big Sister got it for you.

As far as eating goes, well you have your days.  There are days when you like to eat and others where you couldn’t care less.  I like the days when you like to eat as it makes your feedings so much better.

You have been having issues with gas and it breaks my heart.  I’ve never seen anyone cry when they have to toot like you do.  We have been giving you gas drops and we put dark Karo syrup in all of your bottles.  As it turns out the doctor said we can up your Zantac dose and that should help. Here’s hoping!

04-Apr-2009 11:40


At your two month visit you pulled in some nice stats.  You were 11lbs 15oz and 23.5″ long.  A very healthy baby indeed.

You have had some issues with sleeping but after a few days of Baby Boot Camp you are doing much better.  You now sleep longer at night and stay awake longer during the day.  Thank God!

I’m so glad that we have a few days together, just the two of us.  It gives me time to really have fun with you.  I know the next month will be filled with more firsts for you.  I can’t wait to see what all it brings.

Love, Momma