Love Letter: Month Twenty Three

Wow, I just typed ‘month twenty three’.  I cannot believe that in less than a month you’re going to be two years old.  (Yes less than a month because this month I’m over a week late in posting this.)

22-Mar-2009 17:20


You have been such a great big sister to Brynn.  You still love tossing her diapers – I believe this is because you like the hand sanitizer you get after doing so – as well as helping to transport her bottles to and from the kitchen.

And we never have to worry that we don’t know the baby is fussing.  Anytime she fusses you are sure to bring it to our attention, just in case we didn’t hear ourselves.  Your reaction makes me laugh every time.  You raise your eyebrows, point in her direction and say “Baby?”.  You still don’t call her Brynn and when we try to get you to say her name you always say “Baby”.  So for now, Baby it is.

04-Apr-2009 15:57


You have had a few moment of frustration with me though.  If I’m feeding or settling Brynn and I can’t help you at that exact moment you make a face and have tried to hit me or Brynn.  This is typical of an older sibling, but something we are trying to end before it really begins.  You seem to be responding pretty well and you know you aren’t supposed to hit anyone.  I know it’s just your way of dealing with the frustration.

23-Mar-2009 15:21


Brynn remains the only person in the house who gets kisses from you on a regular basis.  Daddy and I take them when we’re fortunate enough to get them.  Brynn gets them mulitiple times a day and I’m alright with that.

Easter was fun this year as you were able to participate in Bobbi & PaPa’s annual egg hunt.  You and Evan had a special area where your eggs were placed and boy did the two of you have fun gathering them.  Once you were back in the house you could have cared less about what was in them, you just wanted to play with them.

You also got a great gift from them.  A nice big red wagon.  We’ve only been able to take it out a few times since then due to the weather and our schedule.  But you think it’s pretty cool.  You can sit in there without anything obstructing your view and you can also have a snack and a drink in there with you.  Pretty soon you’ll realize that your toys will fit as well.

Right now your favorite thing is school busses and big trucks.  Going out in the car with you is a lot of fun right now.  You always yell when you see them.  And if we ask if you want to go in the car, you can’t get to the door fast enough.  As a result the Easter Bunny brought you a fun school bus to play with.

I’m sorry this is once again so late, but I’m still getting used to things in our new scenario.  I am going to do my best to post your next letter on your birthday.

I love you.