Soft as a baby’s…..

On Friday morning when Brynn and I went into Rylee’s room to get her up for the day we walked in to a surprise.  Rylee was shiny and glowing before I even turned on the light.

08-May-2009 06:48


She had managed to not only get the tub of A&D ointment, she got it open and decided to use it as a facial moisturizer.  She had it on so thick that it was clumped all over her face.

Being nice and neat Rylee she had grabbed ONE tissue to try to clean up the mess that was not only all over her, but all over her bedding as well.  This ONE tissue was completely coated in A&D and was doing nothing but spreading the mess rather than cleaning it.

08-May-2009 06:47


So what’s a mom to do?  Stand there and laugh and then run downstairs for the camera, that’s what she does.  Well, that’s what she does in our house anyway.  This was too good of a photo op to pass up!

After getting these great shots I put Rylee into the bathtub, a place she had been about twelve hours before.  I have realized it is going to take more than one bath to get it out of her hair.  Until then I’ll have a kid who looks like a grease ball.

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