The New Math….

We’ve heard that the elementary schools are teaching what everyone calls “new math”.  As we don’t have kids who attend elementary just yet we’ve been asking other parents what it entails and they all just shrug because they don’t get it.

After dinner tonight I think we finally have a handle on it.

We were trying to introduce Rylee to the wonderful world of addition.

Bill had just helped her discover that 2 + 3 = 5.  Then he asked, “What is 5 + 1?”  That’s when Brynn piped up and said, “Purple!”.

This is going to keep me laughing for a few days!


2 thoughts on “The New Math….

  1. So what exactly is the “new” math? So far, it seems pretty much the same here with LT in K. Right now he is learning money and coins. He brings home addition and subtraction worksheets, though the boy is so bright he can already figure out his multiplication. He asked me today if 9 x 7 was 63. I had to whip out the calculator to see if he was correct, ha! Needless to say, Lou is going to be helping him with his math and science homework as he gets in the higher grades. 🙂

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