The Peach Is Gone!!!

Anyone who knows me and has been in our home knows that there was one thing that I really wanted to get rid of….that was the peach paint.  Where was the peach paint?  The peach paint was literally everywhere.  It was the color of all the common areas in our home.

This project had to wait over two years though as there was other paint that was worse.  Oh boy was it worse!  But the time has finally come and the peach is outta here.

It took Bill and I a while to come to a decision on which color we would use to replace the horrid peach.  We had quite a few walls with many patches of paint.  We had this for a few weeks until we finally made our decision.

There were those who thought we chose a color that was way to dark.  I think those folks forgot just how much our house is flooded with sunlight for the majority of the day.  If this wasn’t true then the color would have been too dark.

I won’t make you wait any longer for the unveiling…..

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