Love Letter: Month 22

26-Nov-2010 12:12


Wow, I can’t believe you are 22 months old already!  You really are growing up so fast.  Again this month the biggest thing for you is the explosion of your vocabulary.  Not just the new words you’ve learned, but the sentences that you’re saying blow me away daily.  That’s because I know behind those sentences there’s a lot of thought.

One change that I really like that you’re now calling me Mommy.  Before you’d just say “Mom, mom, mom, mom….”  Then it changed to you calling me Mom-Mom.  I think that came about because you’ve been saying Da-Da for so long that it made sense to call me Mom-Mom.  You also now call your father Daddy as well.  Rylee is still Ry-Ry which I just love.  Sometimes when you’re asked what your name is you’ll say Brynn.  But for the most part you say “Me”.  It cracks me up every time!

10-Dec-2010 12:17


As much as your sister is thoroughly enjoying the Christmas season you are still just taking it all in.  Sometimes you get excited when we talk about Santa coming and bringing presents.  I think next year is when you will really ‘get’ it.  This is the year that Rylee does and she’s very excited that Santa is coming soon.

You do love looking at the Christmas tree in the family room. You really like the little tree that you have in your bedroom too.  Of course you look adorable in all your festive Christmas outfits too.  And I know that on Christmas morning you’ll be excited to see all the presents and you’ll have a blast opening them too.

You are officially 30 pounds now too.  That means that Mommy is ready to buy the piece we need to change your crib into a toddler bed. Now there are some people out there (Bobbi) who think I’m nuts for not keeping you in the crib for a while more. But they aren’t the ones who have lift all 30 pounds of you in and out of the crib on a daily basis.  That said, once the holidays are over, my mission is to order that part.

26-Nov-2010 11:53


I suppose I should start thinking about your 2nd birthday party soon.  Wow, I can’t believe my baby is almost two.  It’s really been fun watching you grow and develop your personality.  I have to say that when it comes to funny, you are the one who keeps me in stitches.  You say and do things that are hysterical but you don’t realize it which makes me laugh even more.

I’m looking forward to many more years of laughing with you.