Love Letter: Month 17

Holy cow!  I can’t believe it’s month 17 already.  The time has just flown by.  And yes, I’m late again, but hey we were out of town on the 18th.  This month I get some slack.

Since I mentioned being out of town we’ll start with that.  You took your first big road trip this month and I have to say you did better than I expected.  Sometimes being in the car for only an hour is about all you can handle.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep yourself amused when you’re one.  There is such a limited amount of stuff you can have in the car to do so.

16-Jul-2010 09:24


We went to New England to see some of Mommy’s friends and Uncle Pat’s family, minus Uncle Pat because he had to work.  You had so much fun at the beach with your cousins.  I’m looking forward to our trip to Rehoboth with the entire Bobbi & Papa clan in September. You were even brave enough to get in the water with Daddy which is more than I can say for your big sister.  You played in the sand for hours and were covered head to toe by the time we left.  You were so sandy that I had to vacuum the car because your car seat was such a mess.  (Note to self, put down a towel before the kid next time.)

16-Jul-2010 19:45


I have to say that this photo is your funniest moment of the trip.  We went out for lobster with my friend Andrea and her son James didn’t eat all of his cheese sticks so he shared one with you.  However, instead of eating it you decided to just put it on your finger.  You got a big laugh from the entire table as a result.  The best part is that you now give a silly smile when you know that someone is taking your picture so this one really cracks me up.

So….what else have you been up to?  Well, you now go up and down the steps like a champ.  We haven’t had the gates up in a long time and I am so happy about that.  They really are quite a nuisance.

You love being outside.  If Rylee is off playing with a friend you get upset because your playmate is gone.  But if I take you outside you forget about that and take off.  You don’t have to be doing anything specific to enjoy yourself.

18-Jul-2010 20:45


One of your expressions is “I don’t know”.  You don’t say it, but you can definitely do the shrug.  I don’t know what Lea asked you, but your response was “I don’t know”.  We think it’s cute and sometimes we ask you “Where’s the dog?” just to see you do it.

12-Jul-2010 18:24


Your vocabulary continues to grow.  You have heard me say, “Get it” so many times that you now say it too. For as many words as you say clearly you still love to babble along.  I don’t mind because to me it’s the one small part of you that doesn’t scream Toddler. Because, let’s face it, you are one now.  My baby is no longer a baby.  You are such a big girl.  But you will always be my baby.



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