Love Letter: Month 14

04-Apr-2010 15:30


Okay, okay…I know this now over a week late. I swear I’ve been trying to get it done, it’s been on my to do list since before the 18th.

So Brynn, it’s been busy around here recently.  I’m sorry to say that none of it has to do with Mommy starting a new job because that never did materialize.  It’s a long story and this post is about you so I won’t go into it.  One thing that didn’t happen this month was you heading to daycare.

I think that the biggest change I’ve seen in you this month has been your speech.  You are actually starting to say words and we can understand them.  When I walk in your room in the morning you always great me with a very loud “HI!” and a smile just as big to go with it.  I love starting the day this way!  Then when we go into Rylee’s room or she comes into your room you greet her the same way.

You are still not saying ‘no’ very often, but there is never a doubt if you don’t want something.  You shake your head ‘no’ with such purpose that it makes me laugh almost every time you do it.  I can’t wait to hear you say ‘no’ just as forcefully as you shake your head.

25-Mar-2010 11:42


You love eating bananas and now you have started to say “nana” when I get one for you or ask you if you want one.  You also like to say “num-num” if you like what you’re eating.

With you, it’s all about the food.  You have started to walk up to the pantry and try to pull it open when you want a snack.  You will even do this five minutes after you’ve finished a meal.  If I ask you if you want fishies or Cocopop you go running to the pantry to get it.

When we eat you’ve also started pointing to the things you want and making noises to let us know that you need more _____.  Oh, and you also sign ‘more’ very well and you even speak it quite clearly.

The best part about the past month is that you’ve started to say “Dada” and “Dad”.  I think your father is happy to no longer be called “mom”.  You say DAD just as loudly as you say MOM.  But not nearly as often.  The reason for that is because ‘mom’ is your word for many things.  If you want to tell someone about something you just keep saying MOM and pointing to whatever it is you’re talking about.

You had a lot of fun on Easter this year.  You really thought that gathering eggs at Bobbi & Papa’s house was a lot of fun.  When you were done gathering them you kept looking in the bag to make sure they were still there.  I think that next year you might give your sister and Evan a run for the money!

16-Apr-2010 07:36


In the past few weeks I’ve started to do your hair.  I have done the typical “whale spout” which your Dad calls an exclamation point.  I think it looks hysterical and I make you wear it a few times a week. It doesn’t bother you one bit so we’re keeping it for now.  Sorry kid.

24-Apr-2010 09:11


Last weekend was your first trip to State College.  You had a fun time having your picture taken around town.  You also had a great time at your first tailgate, and so did Rylee.  You two had a great time playing with the balls we took, the washers from the washer toss game and especially the mulch.  Yeah, and here I was worried there wouldn’t be enough to keep all the kids entertained.  HA!  All eight of you kids were total dirtballs at the end of the day.  It was great to see you all have so much fun. Of course you had a great time watching the other folks who were tailgating too.  You even walked right into the middle of a beanbag toss game.

For some reason this month I’m amazed at how old you are and how big you are getting.  A few weeks ago I looked at you and knew it wouldn’t be long until I’ll look at you and see a toddler instead of a baby. I remember when it happened with your sister and I know I’ll remember when it happens with you.

But for now, please keep running up to me and giving me hugs for no reason at all.  Keep thinking I’m the funniest person you know.  And know that I will always keep you safe.

Love, Momma

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