Love Letter: Month 13

06-Mar-2010 11:24


Well, is it any surprise I’m a few days late again?  I have every intention of posting this on time but then life gets in the way and it just doesn’t happen.  Maybe next month?

Brynn this past month has found you MUCH more vocal.  I mean LOTS more!  You now walk around or sit around saying “Mom, mom, mom” quite a lot throughout the day.  And it’s not just to get my attention, it’s just THE word you seem to say for everything.  Even Daddy, although once in a while you do manage to slip out a “Da-da”.

You continue to walk around like you’ve been walking forever rather than for only two months. Right now your favorite place to walk around is on the deck.  There’s a small part where the railing is longer than the house and you can see the street out front.  That also means you can see the kids playing across the street.  You like to stand there and grab onto the spindles and “talk” as loud as possible. I imagine that you are saying, “Hey, I’m stuck in here, they won’t let me out.  Please send help!”  But who knows you might just be asking the kids what they are doing.

28-Feb-2010 10:27


We have put you in the swing for a bit and you still aren’t too sure of it.  For as much as Rylee would cry when we tried to take her out of it, you are totally fine when time is up.  Daddy put you on our play-set to see if you were ready to crawl around on it, it seems that later in the summer you might be more inclined to check it out. You do love running up and down the driveway though.  It’s a game to you and it’s only played when there are two people available to play goalie at the end of the driveway.  What’s interesting is that you will only stay on the driveway, you have zero interest in running in the grass.  I’ll take that for now as it’s a much smaller area to coral you.

06-Mar-2010 10:57


Whenever we are ready to head out the door I have to get your jacket.  When you see me with it.  You get really excited every time.  I love seeing you so excited to get outside. Whether it’s to go in the car or go out and play, you don’t care.  I just wonder what’s going to happen once it warms up and you don’t need a jacket anymore?  I guess anytime I pick you up near the door you’ll get excited.

We really have been having a lot of fun spending time outdoors.  We’ve taken lots of walks, hung out on the deck, played in the driveway and even hit up the zoo a few times.  I hope we get to do a lot more of all these things in the next month.

I’m curious to hear how your vocabulary develops.  You make an attempt to say ‘banana’ a few times a day as this is your favorite fruit.  I hope you start to say ‘Da-da’ more often.  I know you comprehend a lot of words, but you just prefer to say, “Mom, mom, mom” all day. I suppose there are worse things you could utter on a constant basis.

Love , Momma

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