Love Letter: One Year!

This is a week late Brynn, but I want to wish you the best in the coming year!  As you can guess, things have been busy around here again.  Last week Mommy & Daddy had an opportunity to go out of town and that threw things off for me writing your letter.

18-Feb-2009 14:49


Just look at where we started a year ago.  You arrived at 9:26am on February 18th.  I will say that Mommy thought it was quite hard this time compared to when your sister arrived.  But in the end Mommy and Daddy were just as excited to meet you as we were to meet your big sister.  You arrived with more noise, that’s for sure.  The first time you looked up at me you just melted my heart.

When we got home things were quite interesting.  Your big sister loved you immediately and wanted to help me with all things related to you.  You couldn’t ask for a better sister.   Since then I’ve really enjoyed watching your relationship develop.  You like to do what Rylee is doing and she really likes to show you new things.  Every now and then you two have a fight, but that’s to be expected.  This is one reason we are so happy that your bathroom has two sinks. That will eliminate a lot of fights in your teenage years.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy really are smart.

18-Feb-2009 16:23


In your short little year you have been able to spend a lot of time with family.  In the summer you got to spent time with Yi-Yi & Ni-Ni, Bobbi & Papa and with Uncle Danny’s family.  You have also been able to spend time with extended family on both sides.  Everyone loves to see you and see what new things you are doing.

10-Oct-2009 13:23


Last fall you got to take your first trip to Walt Disney World.  As much fun as this was for Rylee it was a very different kind of fun for you.  You love to people watch so this was the perfect vacation for you. I think you are the one who actually observed the most on the trip.  You also were excited because on this trip you had your first introduction to table food.  After a few bites here and there you came home and at eight months you were done with baby food.  It was quite challenging to come up with things for you to eat that were healthy and easy to gum.  Somehow we managed and you are quite the champion eater these days.

13-Feb-2010 16:12


In the last week two new bottom teeth have made their way up.  It was not a fun time having them make the cut, but now that they are here you have more eating power.

In the last week you have also been developing one heck of an ear infection.  We thought it was just a cold until one night of screaming and not much sleep for you or Mommy.  It was like having a newborn again. I was up with you at least every two hours if not more.  Yesterday the doctor informed us, after she removed a bunch of wax, that you not only have an ear infection you have a blister on your ear drum. I asked what that meant and she said it just meant you had more pain.  That explained the screaming from the night before.  After a few doses of antibiotics and some Infant Advil you turned into yourself again.  Thank goodness for modern medicine!

You are quite vocal these days.  Your favorite words are: More, Mommy, Papa, something that resembles Bobbi, Yi-Yi, NO!, and every now & then you’ll let a Dada slip out.  I can’t wait to listen to your vocabulary grow over the next few months.

16-Feb-2010 18:52


Brynn I have to say that you have made our family complete.  We now have two precious girls who we love more than anything.  I am so happy you are ours.  God has truly blessed us.

I love you Brynn and I can’t wait to spend another year with you.



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