Love Letter: Two Years!

04-May-2009 13:38



I am still amazed that this is your two year love letter.  The time has really flown by for me.  And what a ride we’ve had.

The last month has been full of new things.  Your vocabulary has blossomed and it still seems that there is a new word added daily.  Right now you are still enthralled with school buses.  Every day we see some and you always shout “BUS!” or “IT’S A BUS!!”  It cracks us up every time.  You still call big trucks buses, but sometimes “BIG” will come from the back seat too.

Actually “big” is a word you are using more and more which lets me know that you are catching on to the meaning of it.

One thing you do that is hysterical is when someone asks you a question.  You will look up with your eyes and say, “ummmm….” and then give your answer.  It is always funny to watch.

Another fun phrase is “Oh boy!”.  You say this the most when you see a mess.  The day of the A&D incident you said it quite a few times.

For a week or so you were calling Daddy “Bill”, which actually sounded like “Bull”.  I would always correct you and you would say “Dada” as a result.  I know you got it from hearing me say it and it was cute the first time.  After that we nipped it in the bud.

Other than this you just jabber.  Nonstop. I swear you get it from your father.  (HaHaHa!)  Once you add more words to your vocabulary it’s going to be interesting to hear what all you have to say about pretty much everything.

18-Apr-2009 10:51


We took you to the beach for the first time and you had fun.  You were very hesitant about walking in the sand for a while.  I had to lay down a towel for you to sit on while you dug in the sand.  Eventually you worked your way off the towel and were standing on the sand having a ball.  When you look at the photos from that day you always yell “Beach!!”.  Tonight when we were looking at them you said “More beach”, I guess that means we’ll need to take you for a weekend this summer.  I need to start looking for a place to go.  I can’t wait to take you back when the water is warm and you can wear your swimsuit and really have a ball.

25-Apr-2009 08:37


We also took you into Philadelphia for the first time.  You got to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  You were even at Gino’s but didn’t have a cheesesteak.  However, you thought the fries and Coke were fabulous.  And at Termini’s bakery you had fun looking at all the wonderful pastries.

For the past month you have been in full on terrible two’s mode.  You challenge me at every turn and from the reports it’s been happening at daycare as well.  It seems the issues at daycare have been resolved, but at home you love to see how far you can push me on a daily basis.  Things seem to be improving, but with a full year ahead of us, I’m sure it’s only temporary.

In addition to all the new stuff in the last month it’s been a fun year.  We took you to Disney World for the first time and you loved everything about it.  We can’t wait to take you and Brynn this fall. You really ‘got’ the idea of Christmas gifts and had a blast opening them this year.  Last year it was all about the bows for you.

Speaking of Brynn you are such a great sister to her.  When you want to read a book you like to sit on my lap with her and you always make sure she can see the pages.  You try to share your toys with her, but I have to remind you that she’s just not ready to play with them yet.  One thing you love to do is give Brynn her binky if she’s in her swing and she loses it.  I’m happy that you like to do this because it’s very helpful to Mommy.

We are having your party in a few days. It’s a small one this year, just immediate family.  I’ll post some fun photos after the big day.

This is going to be the last monthly letter for you.  Since you’re older there isn’t really a whole lot that is new on a monthly basis.  That said, I will post notes when there is something fun or interesting to tell.  It’s been really fun posting these letters to you for two years. I hope when you’re older that you will read them and smile and feel my overwhelming love for you.

DSC_0153Every day I look at you and thank God for the wonderful gift he gave to me and your Daddy.

I love you.


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