Love Letter: Month One

Brynn, this is your very first love letter from Momma.  I’ve been writing them for Rylee for a while and I can’t believe it’s already time to write one to you.

18-Feb-2009 10:33


We have had a fun month with you.  You are no longer Squirt, but now our little Brynn Marie.  Your delivery was a bit tougher for Momma than Rylee’s was, but hey, you were also two pounds bigger!  We gave breastfeeding a try, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for us.  So you’ve been a formula baby pretty much from the beginning.  And you really are thriving and growing well.

18-Feb-2009 14:49


We’ve had you out and about, we’ve had people come to visit and to see you, we’ve also had your first trip to Bobbi & Papa’s house.  What a month!

I love it when people ask the question, “Is she a good baby for you?”  To me it seems a bit odd.  How can a newborn be good or bad?  A one year old, yes, they can be good or bad depending on the day or the nap!  But a newborn isn’t old enough to act out, get into things or hit anyone.  When asked this question I always tell the person asking that you are a good baby.  It makes them smile so it works for me.

18-Feb-2009 16:23


I will say that you are a very pleasant baby (maybe that’s what they should ask instead).  You are quite happy unless you are hungry, have a poopy diaper or you are getting a bath.  We’ve had some fun talks and smiles together too.  Your BIG sister Rylee loves to give you kisses and she likes to touch your hands and feet as those are the only body parts of yours she is allowed to touch.  She is also very concerned any time she hears you fuss.  She wants me to pick you up right away if you fuss.  It’s pretty cute when it happens.

I know that you are going to grow and change more in the next month and I’m looking forward to watching it all.



18-Feb-2009 10:13