Love Letter: Month Twenty-Two

I’m getting better Rylee, this one is only two days late.  I’ve been composing this entry in my head for about a week.  That has to count for something, right?

20-Feb-2009 16:53


You have had quite a month!  Truly the biggest thing to happen in your world was for you to realize that once the baby came out of Mommy’s belly that meant it was going to live in the house with us.  I will say that overall you have really handled Brynn’s arrival in our lives very well.  You love to give her hugs and kisses.  And recently you’ve even ‘held’ her on your lap for about a minute at a time.

I will say there were a few days when you came home from daycare and had fits, for no apparent reason, that lasted a half hour.  We attributed this to the fact that you are too little to express how you’re feeling with words.  Fortunately there were only a few of these and you love to come home and see Mommy and Brynn.

You are definitely ‘talking’ more these days.  It may not always be real words, but you seem to have a lot to say.  I’m looking forward to when you will be using real words and we can finally understand just what you’re so excited about.  Right now we just smile and make a comment to which you always say “yeah!!”.  Never “yes”, always “yeah”.

22-Feb-2009 10:31


Since Mommy is home now I’ve been letting you sleep longer in the mornings.  I think this has been a good thing for you.  We still manage to get you to daycare in time to have breakfast there.

We haven’t been going out and doing much, but as soon as this weather decides to allow Spring to set in we’ll be out and about much more.  Last weekend we got a tease of warm weather and we took you to the park.   You had a great time.  I knew that this year you would enjoy more than just the swings and I was right.  After swinging for just a few minutes you were happy when Daddy took you out so you could go play on the other stuff.  You played for a while and had a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to more time there this year.

That’s it for this month babe.  Not a lot to tell, but I’m sure next month we’ll have more exciting things to talk about.



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