Love Letter: Month 21.5

19-Jan-2009 17:49


I must apologize for this being two weeks late.  With all that has been happening around here I just didn’t write it sooner.

This past month you had a lot of fun going sledding for the first time.  We had enough snow that you could take out your new sled and go down the hill on the side of the house.  It’s not a big hill, but certainly enough for a beginner.  You weren’t too sure about it at first, but once you got the hang of it you had a lot of fun.

22-Jan-2009 11:10


One day you were playing with your dolly and all of a sudden you were just too quiet.  I peeked around the corner and there you were on the couch with a box of tissues having a grand time.  You were pulling out the tissues one-by-one and wiping your nose with each one.  By the time I saw you half a box of tissues were on the couch.  I’m not sure what the fascination is with you and tissues but it made for some fun photos!

14-Feb-2009 18:17


You have started to ‘talk’ on the phone recently.  Sometimes you will point to the phone and say ‘Bobbi’.  I ask if you want to call and talk to her and sure enough you do.  Once I dial and give you the phone you just stand and listen to her.  I try to get you to say hi but it never happens.  Once in a while you’ll say ‘Bobbi’ but that’s it.  You tend to wave hello and goodbye which is funny to watch.  This photo is one of the times you were on the house phone and decided that you needed to be on your play phone at the same time.  You crack me up kid!

We have realized that you have the tendency to become a chocoholic.  You just love chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, you’ll eat it up.  Your Aunt Francie will be very proud!  If we give you any chocolate we always tell you it’s a treat first and you get very excited.  All things in moderation kiddo.

Rylee, the last month has been interesting with you.  We’ve talked a lot about the new baby that was going to be living with us.  You seem to understand certain aspects of it and others you just don’t get.  You know that the baby will sit beside you in the car, that the baby has a room in the house that’s hers, and that the baby is in Mommy’s belly.  And that’s about it.  You have no clue just how much your world is about the be completely disrupted.

19-Feb-2009 16:53


Now that the baby is here you seem to be happy for the most part.  You love to give her kisses and the occasional hug.  You know that you are only supposed to touch her hands and feet but that’s so hard for you.  I know the reason is because Brynn is usually swaddled and the only thing you can see is her head and face.  You want to touch her gently and sometimes you do touch her head and face. You are very curious about her noises too.  If she’s in the pack n play and makes any noise you are immediately there to look in on her and see what’s going on.

A few days ago you wanted to show her Lambie and Monkey.  You didn’t realize that you can’t just toss them at her to make her see them.  So we had to explain to you that you can’t do that.  We are going to have more times like this where there is a learning curve for you with Brynn.

For the most part you really aren’t jealous of her.  You come home from daycare and go about your business of playing and dancing.   There have been a few days when you were grumpy when you got home though.  When one of us picked you up and asked you if you wanted to go home to see the other one you answered NO!  Then when you came home you wouldn’t go to anyone, you just came in the door and laid on the kitchen floor.  We just let you go when this happens.  Eventually you get out of your mood and we go about business.

At this point we’re please with you have handled being the big sister.  You seem to enjoy the title and sometimes you even say that Brynn is your sister. You have turned into quite the little mother’s helper too.  You like to take Brynn’s empty bottle and put it in the kitchen as well as put dirty diapers in the can.  Neither is glamorous, but you really enjoy being a helper and we appreciate it.

I am looking forward to the weather warming up so we can get outside more.  I think playing in the park is going to be a lot of fun for you this year.  When we take you down to two days in daycare soon we will spend a lot of time in the park both going for walks and playing.  We’re going to have a fun spring together.



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